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Dr. Christopher’s Calcium Tea by Robert von Sarbacher

Click play below to hear our lively interview with nutrition researcher Robert von Sarbacher.

(NOTE: I never use this tea by the way – I use instead the complete bone and tissue formula tea since it is superior (see File on Teas and Decoctions)

However I will never consume any tea with vinegar in it anyway… nor any food with liquid or dried vinegar in it… it’s just my thing… do whatever you like … but I recommend my clients use the more powerful one as opposed to this vastly more tasty one below… (though I WOULD recommend it if you follow some alteration like no vinegar or use lemon juice instead like all the vinegar replaced with ½ that amt in lemon juice) …

This is an alternative to Dr. Chris’ Complete Bone and Tissue Formula tea esp b/c does not taste as nasty lol… however… you may want to use this recipe with fresh squeezed lemon juice as an alternative to Apple Cider vinegar under the condition that you will be drinking this whole concoction sooner than say 4 days…otherwise use the Apple Cider Vinegar instead (since it will then last forever in the fridge!)… nothing wrong with making a batch and then splitting it up among everyone so that the whole thing gets drunk within 2 or 3 days…spread the taking in of this recipe thru the day for best results but doing it once is better than none at all during the day.

Super Calc Tea uses Dr. Christopher’s Calc Tea as a base. If you do not have it, you can make up your own. It is 6 parts horsetail grass, 4 parts comfrey leaf or root, 3 parts oat straw and 1 part lobelia. I make this into a strong tea to start. Strong teas can be done two ways. 1st alternative) You can make standard tea (1 heaping teaspoon of herb to 1 cup of distilled water, pour the boiling water over the herb and let cool) and then strain out the herbs and put the strained tea back on the stove and simmer it down to ½ volume. 2nd alternative)

You can make the tea with 1 tablespoon of the herbs (combined, cut) per cup of distilled water and let the herbs sit in the boiling water for 30 seconds or so to get the most out of them. Cover and let cool. Heat back up nearly to boiling and then strain through a wire strainer. Add honey to 1/3 the volume of tea: that is, if you have three pints of tea made up, you will add 1 pint of honey to the mix, making 4 pints altogether.

To this add 1/3 volume of raw apple cider vinegar also (1 pint of ACV to the mix, making 5 pints). This will keep in the fridge indefinitely.

This is the drink that the guy who made this recipe used to repair his daughter’s teeth in a few months. She grew new enamel and the cavities went away. This is also use this for growing pains and it works quickly. It is also used for any evidence of calcium deficiency, and it is one of the best products that any amount of money can buy for calcium needs in the body.

The guy who made this recipe says that his kids know that the quart or more that he keeps in the fridge is open game for his kids anytime they feel they need or want it. This heals the stomach (which can be the cause of molten teeth), supplies high-quality glucose to the cells (making the calcium very attractive to the cells that need it), supplies abundant silica and calcium (silica helps get calcium into the teeth and bones) and provides both nervine value for stress and cell-proliferant value for cells needing healing or regeneration.

Cell proliferant herbs are also vitally stimulating (that is, they stimulate an increase of both vital and electrical energy). Comfrey is among the very best of these. In conclusion, to prevent further loss of calcium, we must avoid the calcium robbers and make sure that we are getting high quality glucose when needed. Even a good meal might need to be preceded with high quality glucose so that the body is energized enough to digest and use it (this is a secret to most people at the moment but you will find that as a secret or not, this will transform your health as quickly as anything else you could do).

Get high-quality glucose several times per day and 20 minutes before every meal and before bed for several months to replenish glycogen stores and to heal blood sugar issues. When you have adequate high quality glucose intake, you will find that deficiencies are much easier to take care of if they do not disappear altogether. I prefer Premium RAW Honey from www.healthline.cc, 2 lb jar… others can just get the honey that is RAW from neighboring areas…


For kids you are to take say 4 tbls per day minimum however there is no limit on the use of this stuff… and adults take ½ cup per day … again there is no limit so if want to drink total of 3 cups per day then go for it! It has no known side effects. The child who used this recipe above had no more cavities at about 3 tbl per day in about 2 months or 3 months…

Rat Study on calcium!!!

An interesting study was done on dairy using rats. The study was subsequently published in the Southern California Dental Association Journal (Vol.31, No.9). This study involved three groups of rats. The first was fed standard, cooked rat food. The second was fed a diet heavy in refined sugar. The third was fed pasteurized milk. The first group averaged less than one dental cavity per rat by the end of the study.

The second group averaged five and one-half cavities per rat. The third group averaged nine and one-half cavities per rat. This study shows at least that pasteurized milk weakens bones and teeth and steals nutrients from them, rather than what we are typically told, which is that milk builds healthy bones and teeth. The forgoing milk campaign on how health it is is an advertising campaign, not an ongoing study by neutral people interested in our good health.

A milk association in England got together and wanted to tout the benefits of milk as a bone replenisher therefore underwrote a study to take a number of people and give them milk that was “extra fortified” with extra calcium and had to stop that study in about 7 months as more than 50% of them had come down with osteoporosis, now get this: they didn’t get osteopenea, they skipped that first step and went STRAIGHT TO Osteoporosis!!! No kidding! Needless to say they decided against publishing this study. (Filthy so called calcium is seen as a heavy metal by the body and helps to block making of stomach acid – nullify it – (think Rolaids) – and thus body uses it’s own calcium supply and then some (potassium, magnesium etc) to get rid of the bad calcium as best it can… )


This formula above will be a great dissolver of kidney and liver stones and helps to remove plaque in arteries and dissolver of calcification deposits throughout the body… (ie bone spurs on feet or hands or anywhere and hardened muscles and skin that was calcified b/c of bad calcium taken in thru the years from store bought calcium supplements and from multivitamins or from pasteurized milk) – b/c the malic acid in the Apple Cider Vinegar is basically a dissolver of bad calcium thru the body but a helper in the forced absorption of good calcium! Lemon juice does the same and it is my addition to this recipe for those that are against vinegars or are Kosher that go by dietary law that forbids alcohol or vinegars in their bodies ever. So can use the lemon juice as an alternative or instead just powder the herbs altogether as shown below…but with Vinegar the decoction above will last forever… with lemon juice… not so much… also many people do not do the honey or the vinegar with this recipe… up to you…

Notes: Soy milk will cause tooth decay…

Some people will not under any circumstances take the Apple Cider Vinegar version – no problem… so instead get all the herbs then mix according to the right ratio, then encapsulate them all…do this by taking all the herbs and sticking in blender and turning them all to powdered form (they should originally be bought for making tea by being in the “cut and sifted” or “leaf form” as the case may be) – thus, if you make it all powdered and prefer to take it in caps (“OO” caps) … this is the dose – for adults the dose is 6 caps per day for repairing and when repairs (teeth or osteoporosis) are done and body feels good and just want to maintain that – then maintenance dose for calcium supplement here is : 2 caps per day is plenty… however you have lost a good portion of it’s ability to dissolve the calcification stones throughout the body!!

Keep in mind and not to forget that you should start off all your meals with fruit (or that super raw honey mentioned above or one you find in town) in order to fortify the body with calcium like this and getting back to normalcy – sooo, you would either take a Tbl of awesome honey like the healthline.cc Texas premier raw honey ( or some local raw honey) or instead take fruit, either one, 20 mins before a meal … I do NOT know how well agave will work for that purpose as I do not know if the lighter colored one has any enzymes left in it since the Agave sold at many stores and health food stores says 100% agave but usually is only 60% agave and 40% corn syrup – did I mention how amazingly evil this industry is?

Taking in Calcium alternative for those that are too old or stubborn to take a capsule or tea: Cut comfrey leaves (cut and sifted say from blessed herbs company or Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop or some other you trust) and wrap them into some white tshirt or possibly an unbleached cheese cloth (the shirt works but the unbleached cheese cloth is experimental so it’s up to you) and wrap up the leaves in it (say 2 cups of cut and dried leaves – for a Jacuzzi or bath) and when wrapped up, put in the bath and turn on the water… or put it in the Jacuzzi….

One case of a woman with utterly raging osteoporosis who just summarily refused to do anything herb related or take any supplements decided instead to use this per her daughter’s insistence and in < 6 months her bones went from raging osteoporosis to total perfection and complete normalcy, she did it haphazardly at about 2 to 4 times per week putting it in her mom’s Jacuzzi so she could soak in it!!! How’s that for a bath soak… Keep in mind that the USA is the world leader in lacking sugar in their bodies… why? b/c they get filth called sugar as their form of glucose and this does not work for the body b/c body lives off of 2 things, glucose and oxygen… and these the body uses to make for great digestion too not to mention going from 5% absorption of nutrition to higher 25 to 75 to 100% absorption… but when take in bad glucose you will have many problems… I suffice to say that real glucose like fruit or good honey will instead come with plenty of enzymes and vitamins and minerals… thus usable & making it a usable sugar by the body, so that body will have good sugar reserves instead of starving for it’s second most important food source… and make it so that it realllly digests and uses food that’s coming into your palate next! (also a great reason to take some multizymes (plant digestive enzymes) by uri before meals too) People with Hypoglycemia and others with Hyperglycemia find their blood sugar levels perfected to normalcy by taking 2 heaping Tbls of this super honey min of 3x/day, 20 mins b4 each meal within about 2 to 3 months of taking this in… Note… this example with honey will NOT work with frozen fruit (since enzymes die in fruit or veggies that are frozen after the 2nd to 3rd day of freezing max)… but will work with fruit that is alive, uncanned, unfrozen instead of or in addition to honey… Honey, raw, with ENZYMES intact is the key you’re looking for…to fixing hyper and hypo glycemia…. Now you know…

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

  • Angela Lee says:

    Hi can I replace the calc powder with Christopher’s BF&C powder in this recipe since the benefits are greater?
    Thanks so much for your advice and this wonderful blog :))

  • needinfo says:

    Hi again, I forgot to ask one more thing: I’m trying to heal a cavity, so right now I’m on a sugar free diet and that includes honey as well. Won’t taking honey (even if it’s raw) before meals stop my tooth from healing?
    Thanks in advance

  • needinfo says:

    Hi, are you saying that we need to take glucose 20mins before meals so that the calcium from the meal we’re taking is better absorbed? Does that mean that we should take glucose 20mins before drinking calc tea as well? Also, the recipe in this article, should it be taken on empty stomach?

  • Klo says:

    Can honey be consumed in tea form before meals? Or with bread or food?

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