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Don’t Give Up Hope Because There is Always a Way



After speaking with family members and friends about natural healing I’ve noticed one thing in common. People try a few natural treatments for whatever disease or condition they have and when they don’t work they throw up their hands and say, “See I should have gone to my doctor to start with because natural cures obviously don’t work!”

More recently I’ve been fielding lots of emails that relate to this same situation. As you can imagine my email box is pretty eclectic. I get emails daily from people that are going through all kinds of health issues.

If you’re experiencing less than ideal health, I’m writing to you. I can only imagine how hard it is to not only deal with symptoms stemming from a health crisis but also trying all kinds of natural cures to regain your health.

There’s an educational component to it and a financial/practical application part of natural healing as well.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Many times the sheer volume of brand new information is enough to make your head explode. But on top of that you need to actually purchase certain products and then apply them in the right dosage and manner.

I completely get it. Taking control of your health by itself is a scary thing and most people won’t even begin going down this road because they’re too fearful. They’d rather trust a doctor with their health.

And for those people, we can only let them go down that path and hope they do it with a little grace and hopefully they get their desired outcome.

But for you I understand it can be frustrating. You’re sick of trying all kinds of products, cleanses and protocols to overcome your health challenge.

But just know you damaged your body for years, maybe even decades. So don’t expect a cure over night. You have to be relentless and put in the work, day after day, week after week and year after year.

But I want to encourage you to keep searching, keep researching and keep on keeping on. Yes you could go to the doctor tomorrow and pick up a prescription for some pain medication or drugs that will cover up your symptoms.

What’s really happening when you do that?

A few things actually…

First you’re preventing yourself from being able to actually “feel” warning signs from your body. The symptoms, pain, nausea and itchy skin are your body’s way of communicating with you.

You’ve spent a lifetime building up fat and mucuoid plaque on the inside of your intestines and colon that you can no longer “feel” anything any more. You’ve silenced your body from speaking to you.

You’re a professional sports player, playing with a broken leg and don’t know it.

The second thing that happens is that because you cover up the symptoms and can’t feel what certain foods do to you, you continue to injure yourself as a result.

You’ve spent the better part of your life living this way. You know better now.

Like Joe Cross says in the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead right before his 60 day juice fast, “you do the crime you have to do the time“.

For every one condition there are most likely dozen or perhaps even hundreds of cures out there.

If you get creative enough outside of diet and nutrition, you can even incorporate energy medicine, frequencies like the Bio Modulator, the Rife Machine, affirmations or even sound and color therapies.

There are so many things you can do to bring your body back to baseline it’s nothing short of ridiculous.

But it all starts with your mind. It starts with making a decision that you’re going to heal. Intention plays a huge role (I’d say as much as 90% of healing) in getting the results you want.

Simply believing you’re on the right track will make all the difference in the world on your health and healing journey.

So don’t give up, keep plugging away and remember, don’t fight your illness. Be at peace with it by accepting it and actually be thankful for it.

For without it, you wouldn’t have been on this path and learned as much as you have to this day.

Natural healing is a long process and a lifetime journey but it’s well worth it.

Your other alternative is to follow the traditional medical model of drugs and surgery which eventually lead to death preceded by years of chronic pain and depression.

Just know you’re on the right path, keep working on it and eventually something will crack.

It ALWAYS does.

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