What Does It Mean When You Cry In Your Dreams?


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Does This Bizarre Thing Happen To You While You Sleep Like It Does To Me?



I am so very curious if anyone else has experienced this before?

Throughout my life, I have been a very vivid dreamer. Most dreams I’d say have been more on the bizarre (seemingly) meaningless side, with a few actual disturbing nightmares weaved throughout here and there.

The others have been VERY significant, real and ultra eye opening. I have been visited by relatives and friends who have passed over, as well as been given information that I never would have found in ‘real’ life. THOSE kinds of dreams I have come to decide are NOT just meaningless ramblings of my subconscious by any stretch of the imagination.

Peace has been made, decisions come to and forgiveness and understanding have followed many of those deep, meaningful dreams throughout the years. I do have to say that my dream life has become more awakened and enlightened in more recent years though, as my spiritual journey gets deeper and requires more information.

What is bizarre though is what has happened more in recent months a few times. This is when I actually WAKE myself up from a dead sleep because I am uncontrollably crying! I can’t ever recall or recount the dream it may or may not e associated with just prior to waking up.

Sure, I have had dreams which I am sure most of us have, where something is just so sad, disturbing or downright frustrating that we find ourselves with tears upon waking from this state.

These are completely different.

It’s as if there exists a deep sadness on a SOUL level, something that I don’t allow myself to process it in my regular waking state, so that it must express itself in my sleep state.

It makes me sad even thinking about it. It happened again two nights ago, where I woke myself up because I could barely breathe through my sniffles. I awoke to a pillow drenched in tears and cheeks flushed and salty. Needing to process what was happening, I got up to use the bathroom and tried to make some sense of it all.

The only conclusion I could come up with at 3am was that I was processing something that had not yet been dealt with. Whether it was anger, sadness, unforgiveness, loss of childhood dreams, loss of loved ones, or just a general despair of the state of our world and it’s heaviness, I might never know.

The fact that this has happened a few times now though is quite interesting to me and I will be sure to make notes in my dream journal upon waking, so I might reflect and possibly even gain some insight as to why this is happening and what it might mean.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Feeling alright about just letting myself BE.

The Metal Diaries

So, I am STILL waiting on my tri-mercury test from Quiksilver…there was a mix up with the shipping, but it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I can get a move on with that when it arrives YAY!

I am thankful for the extra time it took actually, as I am still gathering information. I received and email from an EHR friend who took some time to write to me about his experience with the mercury curing journey, and that has really spoken to me and added another helpful and less confusing layer to my questioning.

I understand why people can often get hung up on waiting to make a choice as to which route to take-as there is SO much information out there. WOW. Glad I have seen the many sides to it, and also I am getting ready to make some sort of a move once I have the testing behind me.

Am curious to see if/what the Quiksilver test might reveal to me, and it would be awesome to test again in a few months after starting a protocol.

Stay tuned.

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