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Disease Prevention 10 Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Diet

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You don’t know it yet, but you have cancer cells growing in your body right now. Yes, you have cancer, how about that for a diagnosis?

Truth is we all have cancer cells growing in our bodies every day.

For some people they don’t know it and that’s probably for the better. Getting a diagnosis can be like a virus itself. The diagnosis can be worse than whatever condition they say you’ve got.

In an attempt to never get that diagnosis, let’s make some changes to our diet and nutrition program now.

Are you looking to make some dietary changes in your life but either don’t know where to start or not sure you have the motivation to stick with it? If your motivation includes the physical appearance of your body, then you have the WRONG motivation.

The truth is, you must change your diet, if you want to live a long, healthy, disease free life free of doctors visits, pharmaceutical medications, hospital stays and insurance hassles.

Do you want to be arguing with your health insurance company about whether or not they should cover your latest prescription when you’re 70, or do you want to be traveling around the world in perfect health and doing your life’s work?

If you don’t change your diet, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in some rest home hopeless and alone with no passion in your life, waiting to pass on.

Nobody wants that.

Here are 10 reasons you need to change your diet. The last one is last for a reason.

You’ll Feel Better

If you change your diet too fast it will be too dramatic a shift for your body so you may feel worse at first. But if you ease into your new dietary plan slowly, eventually you’ll feel better.

Not only will you feel better on a physical level, but you’ll feel so proud of yourself for making permanent changes by breaking lifelong addictions, that you’ll feel better emotionally too.

Every day I can look back at what I ate and what I did and not only be proud of what I consumed but know that it nourished me in every way possible. I can look back without guilt, without shame and truly feel good about how I treated myself that day.

I’m not saying that I’m great or anything. But can you say the same?

I hope so.

You’ll Have More Energy

Energy is one of the main components associates with emotion (which is a combination of energy and motion). By eating foods that truly nourish your cells on a biological level, your digestion works better and is actually allowed to take a break for a while.

By eating very gluey and clogging foods like store bought milk or wheat products like pasta, pizza and bread, your digestion becomes sluggish and slowed down. The peristalsis actually becomes less and less over time. This causes constipation and eventually many diseases we’re seeing pop up in our culture.

Digestion alone takes up much of your energy and resources of the body. Digestion is more taxing on the energy of the body than doing any sort of physical exercise. By consuming foods that digest easier and quicker, your body has more resources to strengthen its immune system and provide you more energy during the day.

You’ll Lose Weight

Excess carbohydrates and the consumption of rancid fats are actually causing our foods to “stick to the ribs.” By eating the right foods, you’ll most likely lose weight without even doing much exercise. I know of a guy named Philip McCluskey who lost 200 pounds on a raw food diet without even doing any exercise at all. You won’t find his story on the main stream media. What you’ll find in the main stream media are stories about how gastric bypass surgery saved somebodies life.

Unless you’ve radically destroyed your thyroid gland or hormonal composition of your body, you’ll most likely lose weight with no effort at all in the form of physical exercise.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t exercise. Exercise is critical for long term health and changing how your physical form looks.

Wouldn’t you like to lose weight without much effort just by changing some daily habits?

Change your diet and watch it happen in a matter of weeks.

You’ll Prevent Disease

Most everybody I know of, wants to change their diet so they can look better. Sure looking good is great, if you identify with form, which most of us do. But when we really understand that we are not our thoughts, we are not our bodies, we are not our emotions THEN we can start to make physical changes for much deeper reasons than simply looking good in a bikini.

According to The China Study and the work of Bruce Lipton author of The The Biology of Belief, over 98% of disease is caused by lifestyle factors and NOT genetics. Of the less than 2% that have genetic weaknesses for common diseases, those genes can be manipulated to be expressed or repressed like turn a light switch on or off.

That means when people say that colon cancer runs in my family, most likely it’s not really true. What runs in the family is poor dietary and lifestyle habits learned from parents living unconsciously.

By eating the optimal diet (it’s up to you to figure out what that means for your genetics) you can feel pretty darn safe knowing that you’ll most likely NEVER suffer from cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, lung issues, needless surgeries and all the rest of the debilitating diseases others in our culture are dealing with.

You’ll Save Money

Most people think that eating healthy is costly. But that depends on your view of money and value. In one sense it does cost more money. But in another sense the saying is true, “You’ll pay now or you’ll pay later.”

This means that what we eat today becomes our state of health tomorrow. We reap what we sow. If we pay for cheap food now and eat it with an ungrateful heart, we’ll be digging our graves with our own teeth.

It’ll cost you more money up front to eat healthy food, but you’ll save THOUSANDS in hospital bills, insuranse claims, surgeries and medications when you’re older.

The number one cause for bankruptcy in the United States is the inability to pay one’s medical bills.

If we change our diets we wouldn’t have any medicals to ever pay. Then we could actually start using some of that extra money to buy gold for retirement, plant gardens or start business that actually create value by helping people.

The other option is to indulge our cravings and end up sitting alone all night in a hospital bed eating jello?

The next time you take a bit to eat of that pizza, ask yourself is this food is doing something “TO” me or “FOR” me?

The choice is yours.

You’ll Live Longer

Don’t you want to see your children get married and have their own kids? Don’t you want to see your children be successful in life? Why die when you’re 70 when in the Bible it says that our days should be 120?

And I believe if we play our cards right we can live much longer than that. Every mammal on earth lives about 7 times the age that they reach maturity. If we did that we’d be living to about 150 years old without much problem.

Most people say they don’t want to live long if they’re in a wheelchair, drooling all over the table and wearing diapers. I agree. But if you change your diet, take the necessary yearly cleansing steps and live your life in a stress free environment, not only can you live long but you can be working and doing exciting things when you’re 95.

You’ll Have More Energy To Do Your Passions

Now that we’ve got you living to 100 and beyond, what are you doing to do with all this extra vigor and energy? How about finally being passionate about something and having the energy to fulfill those passions by working on them each day?

Instead of working all day in a job you hate, coming home and having just enough energy to sit on the couch with a cold beer, how about being full of life, passion and energy? How about truly being excited about waking up each morning and doing that thing you love but never thought you’d have the ability to achieve?

This is what happens when you start making changes to your daily eating habits. It changes your whole world and and changes your view about what’s possible.

I’d rather live with passion doing the thing that I know God has called me to do instead of being stuck in a life I hate simply to make ends meet. That’s a life of drugery and disease.

Which one do you want?

You’ll Be An Inspiration To Others

When your friends and family start seeing your weight loss, increased energy and vitality they’ll start asking how you did it. They’ll be curious as to what made you make these changes and to stick with them. They’ll want to know all about it because it’ll make them wonder if it’s possible they can do the same thing by replicating you.

People will associate you with “what’s possible.” They’ll be asking you for your opinions and advice about things.

Knowing you’re having a positive impact on others makes you feel good. You’ll draw more people into your sphere of influence and can start to help others in your community.

Who would have thought all this could be possible by making such small changes like eating a salad with each meal?

Small changes over time have the ability to work wonders, not only for you but for others also.

My question to you is, do others see you now as somebody who’s a positive inspiration or somebody who is negative and always depressed about their current state of health?

Your Money Will Go To Businesses That Count

One of the biggest changes we can make in the world is not at the voting booth, but in how we spend our money. Instead of enabling corporations to exploit workers, pollute our planet and profit off of making people sick, how about supporting companies who donate a percentage of their profits to charity and actually work to create a healthier more sustainable world?

Real food costs more money. It takes effort and love to put together products that are shipped right, use environmentally friendly packaging, and really nourish you.

I don’t care what I have to pay, I’m not supporting conventional factory farming ever again if I have the choice. I’m always going to support the organic farmers. Not only because it’s healthy but I want that farmer to be able to make a living and keep supplying me with healthy food. If we don’t support these people, eventually the option to support them might not even be there.

You’ll Sleep Better

The ability to sleep a full 8 hours per night is pipe dream for most people. Sleep issues alone affect millions upon millions of people each day. Or should I say, it affect them in the middle of the night.

There are lots of factors that could be contributing to not sleeping well. Some of these include stress, diet, lack of exercise, hormone levels and more. If you’re interested in the sleep factor I’d suggest looking into Dr. Rubin Naiman author of The Yoga of Sleep.

People often simply wake up in the middle of the night needing to urinate. This isn’t natural. When I was in my early twenties I’d wake up each night to go to the bathroom. This was generally something I thought should be happening to guys in their 70’s not me.

Having since changed my diet, I never get up now. I sleep like a rock for 8 hours and feel like a hundred bucks when I wake up.

I’m not saying this will happen to you as it might take years to undo the damage you’ve done to your organs by eating a conventional diet, but it’s definitely possible since diet plays a huge role in how we sleep (or don’t) each night.

You’ll Be More Attractive To The Opposite Sex

Last but not least, you’ll have a sexy more attractive physique. If you’re a guy and add some weight training to your regimen, you might even begin to notice a set of six pack abs and a big strong chest. If you’re a girl and also lift weights you’ll notice your hips and thighs shrinking to your delight. You’ll have that flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

The reason why I put physical traits last is because truly they are the least important. Living a full rich and passionate life is what counts, no matter what you look like.

That being said, it’s possible to look good and have a little passion in your life, don’t you think?

So how about it? Are you motivated now to change your diet?

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