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Dayne Barkley – Easy Tips For “Biohacking” Light To Improve Hormones & Overall Health


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Today we had Dayne Barkley from Barkley Eyewear on the show to discuss light. I first heard about him from Mitolife Radio and then he reached out to me and wallah we did a show together!

I’m grateful because he broke all of nature’s rules and rhythms to be on our show. He stayed up until 3am to be available JUST for Extreme Health Radio listeners as he’s based in Australia.

What a guy!!

We talked about hormones, light and how they are both intertwined with our overall health.

We also talked about biohacking, how to wear blue blocking glasses and so much more.

Thanks Dayne for being on the show.

I hope you enjoy this show!

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Show Guest:

Dayne Barkley

Guest Info:

Dayne, holistic health coach and the creator of the Barkleys, is passionate about optimising sleep and came up with the interchangeable, clip-on concept out of frustration with the multiple pairs he was using.

Additionally growing up close to his late Nan, who had lost her sight, highlighted another significant purpose the glasses serve; protecting the health of our eyes and sight, which has never been more important than it is today, with our constant exposure to harmful artificial light.

Show Topic:

Light, sleep and hormones

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Mouth taping during sleep
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