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Day 2 Liquid Fast: How Our Organs Carry Past Traumas & What I’m Doing About It



Feel Good Project day 107

Day 2 of juice fast: COMPLETE!

You can learn more details below in my daily wrap up video below!

Today was overall a great day. Once I got beyond the major energy slump I had yesterday afternoon (I didn’t really realize just HOW much energy I was lacking until I compared it to how I felt today), all has been pretty smooth sailing from there on out, minus a few hours this afternoon of shakiness, which dissipated rather quickly.

Emotionally some cool/strange things popped up this evening out of nowhere. Justin and I were watching a program on Gaiam tonight while he ate dinner, and I drank mine:) During this particular show the audience both in studio as well as at home, were led through a few minute meditation where we were encouraged to really feel into our bodies and shine golden light upon any areas that needed love and releasing.

Ask me even three years ago what I would have said to all of this and the word “HOKEY” would have immediately emerged.

However, as I have allowed the spirit of God to move more freely and flow into me in new ways that I see as a true gift, I believe many of these releasing techniques can be quite revealing as well as intensely powerful and healing.

When we were envisioning looking and shining this light into our bodies, a few areas stuck out in particular and as I shared them with Justin after the meditation was over, I realized just how powerful the statements were that I spoke to him were.

I told him that many of my past clients and their negative energies were stuck inside my head and attached to the space around me still. That my ex-boyfriend whom I almost married long ago was stuck in my liver, and that my pancreas challenges of lately were my back taxes (that I currently still owe for the years I was not able to pay them on time-the price one might pay for following a dream of starting a business and not having any money to fall back on).

The stress of owing that money and being on a long term payment plan has, I believe, stuck right there in my major digestive organs and causes me all kinds of recurring pain.

The liver made sense, as I know that’s where we are said to store our anger and resentment. Although I feel like I have truly forgiven ‘him’ and moved on, there still might be something lurking that needs to be let go. Interested to lean more into that one and find out.

The past energy zapping clients of the past have not left yet, as their often harsh words and ideals they attached to me throughout the years still take up residence in my head space.

Ok, well that’s all a bit HEAVY on only day 2 of a fast if you ask me!!!

All good though and I am so thankful for these gifts, as my main prayer of this fasting period is to have truth and clarity revealed to me in ways it never has before.

Well, I think this is starting off very fruitful if you ask me. Now the key will be to continue to listen about the HOWS of going about releasing much of this garbage that is weighing me down.

My prayer tonight is “I am here. I am open. I am listening. Speak to me.”

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Two PURE white doves flying down from the sky and landing in front of my car across the street at a four way stop. BEAUTIFUL reminder of the much desired peace I want to be filled with during this transitional fasting period.


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