Danny Roddy – Sugar Feeds Our Cells, PUFAs Are Poison, Hormones & A Bioenergetic Concept of Health! – Extreme Health Radio

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Danny Roddy – Sugar Feeds Our Cells, PUFAs Are Poison, Hormones & A Bioenergetic Concept of Health!


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Today we had Danny Roddy on the show to talk about a bioenergetic philosophy of healing. And of course we talked about PUFAs aka lipid peroxidation, lipofuscin and yellow fat disease.

We also discussed sugar, hormones and so much more.

Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

Hope for Hypoglycemia
Stress Without Distress
Aspirin and Cancer
Aspirin Tablets
Progest E
Desiccated Thyroid

Show Guest:

Danny Roddy

Guest Info:

Danny Roddy has been independently researching stress, hair loss, and aging since 2007. He authored the best-selling book, HAIR LIKE A FOX: A Bioenergetic View of Pattern Hair Loss, in 2013. Download a PDF here. He offers One-to-One Coaching on Patreon and hosts the weekly podcast, Generative Energy.

Show Topic:

Sugar, stress, lipid peroxidation

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