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Daniel Vitalis – How To Reconnect To Nature & The Cycles of Life Through Wild Food


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    We had a great talk with our friend Daniel Vitalis who is the owner of the great company called Surthrival. We take many of his products and HIGHLY recommend them.

    He’s also currently building another brand called Wild Fed where he inspires others to grow more connected to nature and their own health though the food they eat.

    Reconnecting to the cycle of life pulls us back into the fact that nature’s cycles affect not just our health but who we are at a fundamental level.

    Daniel’s aim is to help close that circle and inspire all of us to reconnect to nature through food.

    Wild Fed is not just a TV show but also a podcast, blog and community.

    If you want to learn more about hunting, wild food, enjoying you friends and family and getting back in tune with the cycles of life, Daniel Vitalis and his show Wild Fed is something you’ll love.

    We’ve had Daniel Vitalis on the show now a few times and we’ve watched his transformation from raw veganism to living a more ancestral diet through the consumption of wild food.

    I hope you enjoy this show!

    Please share with your friends would you?

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    Guest Info:

    Daniel Vitalis is the host of WildFed.

    For ten years he lectured around North America and abroad, offering workshops that helped others lead healthier, more nature-integrated lives. A successful entrepreneur, he founded the nutrition company SurThrival.com in 2008. Most recently, he hosted the popular podcast ReWild Yourself.

    He’s a Registered Maine Guide, writer, public speaker, interviewer, and lifestyle pioneer who’s especially interested in helping people reconnect with wildness, both inside and outside of themselves.

    After learning to hunt, fish, and forage as an adult, Daniel created WildFed to inspire others to start a wild-food journey of their own.

    Headquartered in the Lakes Region of Maine, he lives with his beautiful wife Avani and their Plott Hound Ellie.

    Connect with him at Wild-Fed.com, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

    Show Topic:

    Wild food, ancestral living, nature

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