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Thank you so much for your interest in our work and for believing in what we do! We are so blessed by all of our listeners.

If you would love, it would be quicker for you to contact us via our Facebook page, Google Plus or Twitter. If you have a question for us or our guest that you’d like to include in our show you can easily and quickly record one right from your computer. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m Not A Doctor

I cannot give medical advice because that would be pretending to be a doctor when I’m not. If your question has to do with specific medical symptoms or even medications, I cannot help you. I encourage everybody to get the help of their qualified medical doctor for any medically related health issues.


I do not do any paid promotions or paid blog posts, facebook updates, twitter updates of any kind. We don’t participate with paid product placements or advertisements of any kind. Please do not contact us regarding spammy or low quality lose weight fast pills or supplements. All of the products we recommend to people are tried and true, fully tested products used by me that are the highest quality we can find in the world. If that’s not the case we don’t use them or promote them.

All I Ask for Helping You

Everything on Extreme Health Radio is offered for free because I love helping people. The only thing I’d ask is that you like me on Facebook using the button below. This will help let other people know about how we’re helping the world.

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If you would like to send us anything in the mail here’s our physical mailing address.

Justin Stellman
P.O. Box 373
San Clemente CA, 92674

Email: justin {at] extremehealthradio (dot} [com)
Email: kate {at] extremehealthradio (dot} [com)
Phone Number: 949-391-7363
Skype: extremehealthradio

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