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When you take a moment co comment please remember to use respect and act as if you were talking to me or to another person face to face. We highly encourage comments on our blog and website but only if you treat other people fairly and don’t belittle other people for their beliefs, ideas or opinions.

There is great power when people come together to share ideas about their experiences, and how they see the world. We’ve developed quite a great community here at Extreme Health Radio and take it very seriously.

So treat everybody with respect please or just don’t leave a comment. Remember what you sow, you reap. What you put out there comes back. Treat everybody as you would like to be treated.

Take a moment and ask a good question, disagree with me or another person but do it in a way that’s actually trying to help someone or the community as a whole.

Remember we are not our beliefs or opinions or even our ideas. Comment freely and openly but do not be tied to such beliefs. We are always changing and growing!

Comments that do not have anything to do with the article itself or another person’s ideas will not be approved. Do not include a link to your website or blog in the body of the comment itself. It will automatically get deleted.

Also if you do not use your real first name and last name in the name field it will get deleted. We are real people here and our listeners and readers are real people too. If you can’t put your real name, it’s not benefiting anybody.

Please Remember These Rules When Making A Comment:

Copyright or Plagarism

We do not tolerate comments containing copywritten material or plagarized information. If you engage in such activity you will be banned from commenting

All rights reserved

I reserve the right to edit, approve, disapprove or delete any comments at any time for any reason. I also reserve the right to block certain IP addresses should you NOT follow these rules.

Comment links

Any comment containing a link inside the body will automatically be held for review before being approved. Links are a way for people to gain traffic to their website and will not be tolerated. As a result the commenter will be banned from commenting at future times.


All comments must contain a verified working email address in order for comments to be published and made available publicly. We reserve the right to contact any commenter via email for any reason. Comments that contain email addresses or physical addresses within the body of the comment will be deleted in order to protect privacy. Anybody who does not comply with these terms will have their comment deleted and be banned from further use.

Show respect

If you fail to show other people respect in your comments it will be deleted. It’s perfectly okay to disagree and challenge the ideas of others (which we encourage) but it must be done in a loving and respectful way. If it is not, it will be deleted and you will be banned from further participation.


Your comment must be in direct relation to the article on which you’re commenting or a comment by another reader or listener. Comments that contain links, email addresses or otherwise non relevant information will be deleted immediately.


We have a zero tolerance policy for span in our comments. Not only will it be deleted immediately but we will ban you from further participation. Spam comments include links or ads to other products or websites that may or may not be relevant. The blog owner (me) reserves the right to make this determination on a case by case basis. Spam will not be tolerated.


We highly encourage creating an account on Gravatar to enable your comment from being approved faster. This also allows you to display your profile picture next to your comment. This helps people to realize they are talking to another human being and not just a computerized robot. If your comment doesn’t get approved immediately, please be patient. 🙂