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Beginning of the Feel Good project


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Day 1 of the Feel Good Project.

I don’t know why, but I always seem to embark on new journeys and start new projects on holidays. To me, Halloween is my least favorite ‘holiday’, but I had an idea about a project and I have decided to jump in!

October 31st seems like a great start date-one to easily remember.

For years now, I have been struggling with some health issues. When I really take time to reflect on what all has gone on with this body of mine over the past decade, I am actually astonished at how much change has occurred, and the number of challenges that have come my way.

I have theories about the hows and whys, but there will be plenty of time to delve further into that.

Heck, I am giving myself a whole year!

I have decided to commit to following a path-a blog experience- for the next 365 days straight, without missing a beat-no matter how tired and worn out at the end of a day I may be, I have to do this.

For myself.

To have record of my personal journey back to better health. To redefine my new ‘normal’, as I am far from satisfied with the state of my normal as it is right now.

There will be no set rules or direction. I am giving myself-just an open canvas, and whatever spills forth out of me that day about how to get to feeling like the best version of me, I will record and document so that at the end of the year I can see how life and health have played out.

Through trial and error (which I am most certain will lay before me), I will sift through what I find to work and what does not in fact serve me on this road to the best possible me.

I have decided to name this The Feel Good Project. Why? Because, gosh darn it-I am tired of not feeling good! I have felt much worse at times, but I want to feel much much better.

I have come so far already, but I know there is more ground to cover. To feed my body and soul in ways they have never known. To breathe life back into this human experience that sometimes feels like a hamster wheel, just spinning and spinning and not getting me anywhere.

I will address health from all angles. Body, mind and spirit. I will try new things, and maybe bring back in some of the old. I will cut things out. Say yes to some things and no to others.

I will blog about the books I am reading, the classes I am taking, the people I meet, the soul searching conversations I have, the quest for truth, the joys and triumphs, as well as the struggles and disappointments.

To be as candid as possible is the goal. Honesty and humility is what the goal is here-if I can’t be honest with myself, then who can I be honest with?

With that said, let the Feel Good Project begin…

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Warm puppy licking my face. What’s yours? Comment below!

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