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Avoid Doing This 1 Thing If You Really Want To Heal

life-energy-healingWhen you endure somebody talking at you incessantly, do you feel like you need to go to a quiet room all by yourself and just lie down for an hour? Whenever that happens to me I feel like my soul just got sucked out of my body and I’m completely wiped out.

Do you feel like that also from these energy vampires?

And sometimes people drain my energy for different reasons. Maybe we’re in a loud place and I have to really concentrate and focus on what that person is saying. Or other times a person just won’t stop talking (usually all about themselves) to me. I guess I should say, they won’t stop talking AT me.

Do you ever feel like you wanna just tell that person to shut up? Sometimes I feel like I want to go get some 3rd person that also talks a lot and let them to have a “talk off”.

Be that as it may, these types of people wear me out.

Another way people leak energy is by getting involved in unnecessary drama. People get caught up in gossip, or interpreting situations as good or bad and going on and on about their opinions.

All of this type of communication steals precious life force energy. Sometimes we might get stuck in a situation with people who steal our energy but other times we’re actually the one who is draining our own energy!

We cause the drama. We will be the one to start a rumor or talk bad about a person when they’re not around. We have the ability to directly control that.

You might be wondering, how can I regain this energy?

Some people say the Chinese teach that chi or (aka life force, qi) is like a one time battery pack of energy that we get at birth. It’s the amount of breaths we will have during our lifetime. It’s the allotted amount of heart beats we get.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

But is that so?

Some people say you can rebuild that energy using things like Chinese herbs (which I HIGHLY recommend), Qigong or even meditation. I completely agree with this. You can rebuild lost energy using these ancient Chinese practices that have been used for over 4,000 years.

But recently I came across an interesting perspective that really changed how I think about this concept. I was told that this energy directly affects our life span and whether or not we will ever become diagnosed with a major illness like cancer, heart disease or diabetes for example.

There’s nothing wrong with that thought. The idea that we can store energy in order to live longer and be healthier 40 years from now is great but also easily forgettable.

It doesn’t help me in the moment because it’s like saving $10 now just so that I can spend it in 40 years.

Recently I came across the work of Carolyn Myss in her talks about Chakras. The major overriding idea I got, was that this stored energy that we freely leak on a daily basis is the exact thing we need to heal our bodies RIGHT NOW.

Screw waiting for 40 years to benefit from the extra energy.

We can have access to it right now. You see every second of every day our bodies are fighting cancer. They’re fighting colds, flus, bacteria and viruses. Our bodies are constantly in every moment striving for homeostasis in order to thrive.

Our bodies always want to find a way to calibrate in each moment. We need this extra energy right now to heal from any disease that could be brewing.

Don’t rob your body from the energy it needs to digest food, to heal from cancer, to accomplish your dreams. We need all the energy we can get right now in this moment.

Don’t rob your body of this necessary life force just so that you can waste it on some meaningless conversation about whether or not Justin Biebler should be out clubbing at 3am and drag racing his cars.

The last thing we need is to concern ourselves with stuff that doesn’t matter.

Save your energy. You need it to heal and thrive. Right. Now.

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