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Are You Living With A 1970’s Mindset Of Healing?

tv-stations-in-the-seventiesMany years ago David Wolfe (hear our interview with him by clicking here) gave an interesting analogy pertaining to hope and possibility in relation to natural healing.

When I first heard this 8 years ago in 2005 it stuck with me ever since.

He talked about how people that are sick and think that only the medical establishment can heal then are like people living in the 1970’s watching TV on 4 or 5 stations. When you turned on the TV at night to watch the nightly news (something I strongly suggest you never do if you want to be healthy) there were only about 4 or 5 radio stations that you could get information from.

It wasn’t as if you didn’t want more channels, it’s just that there were none to choose from. People didn’t even know what kinds of emotions, thoughts or feelings they might be able to find within themselves because these other stations weren’t available to them.

It’s not as if they knew they were missing something. They didn’t even know that they had parts of themselves that remained dormant or inactive because these unavailable stations weren’t there to help bring it out of them.

What’s it like today when you turn on the TV?

You have hundreds of channels from which to choose.

As a result you could watch channel 324 and see a program that causes you to be interested in some subject you never would have been interested otherwise. There could have been a dormant passion or dormant philosophy that you never knew existed and somehow this “program” drew it out of you.

This happens all the time to people.

Then they might go online and look up the new subject matter and start going down a rabbit trail of research leading them to websites, institutions and people who are into this specific information.

Imagine if this person then contacts these people or starts a blog writing about this new passion of theirs and it ends up saving or changing lives?

Do you see how options can create possibility?

How does this relate to natural healing and alternative medicine you might ask?

Good question, I thought you’d never ask. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today people are living in a paradigm of healing that’s dominated and controlled by the government and media. This paradigm of healing pervades our culture so much so that when people think of cancer, they think of a bald person who’s skinny and weak looking.

The connection is almost immediate. Cancer. Skinny bald person.

Why is that?

Because the government and the media have a brand to protect that makes them hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

When you start eating living food your mind starts opening up. Your brain needs electrically charged living minerals and when it finally gets them after all this time, it begins to expand and open. You then become aware of other viable and often times better choices for healing.

When you start to do colonics, enemas and herbal colon cleanses you start to realize that these options not only are safer and more effective but they don’t give you any side effects.

It starts opening your mind that there are things like reiki, acupuncture, gigong, meditation, juicing, energy medicine and a myriad of other alternative healing modalities that all work just by themselves.

Then when you realize you can stack them all on top of one another you’ve got some amazing resources at your fingertips for healing on every single level.

Suddenly you look back and see that now you have hundreds of channels available to you for natural healing and the average person in our Western society is still living in the 1970’s with 4 stations available to them.

It’s a wonderful and empowering thing to have access to such amazing healing modalities and be awake to them.

Even though we have the worst food ever and the most unhealthy stressful societal pressures ever, we can thank God because we also have at the very same time, the best food ever and the most powerful healing modalities in the history of mankind.

It’s an amazing time we’re living in.

So throw that remote away from the 1970’s and start living life with possibility, gratitude and amazement and see what that does for you.

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