8 Mistakes I Made To Become Mercury Toxic (#7 Was The Worst)


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8 Mistakes I Made To Become Mercury Toxic (#7 Was The Worst)



As I wrote in our Extreme Health Radio newsletter, I am so happy to say that my mercury tri test from Quiksilver Scientific has been packaged up and sent on it’s way back to the lab to be giving me some levels of mercury in my body-hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

I have to admit, sometimes I think about what I would do or how I would react if this test comes back void of any mercury showings at all!

Would I do anything different?

The choices that I make in regards to my healing and chelating-would I change the plan I am formulating at all?

Been giving those questions quite a lot of time in my head, and have come to the conclusion that I would still indeed proceed in the direction as if my body had at least SOME level or levels of mercury, because at the very least I know without a doubt I am pretty full of heavy metals.

And that is the very BEST case. The dark rings that have showed and continue to show in my recent and former blood cell analysis (both dry and live) indicate heavy metals up the wazoo, although hard to say specifically which kinds of metals are present.

I would indeed be baffled and amazed if this tri test came back with zilch though. The only thing I can do is wait and see…and plan my chelation for the minute I get my results back, if not before. If I have decided that I would go ahead with this process, I guess I could start today, now that all of my samples have been sent in, so as not to mess with the levels that might occur once chelation starts.

Being scared or afraid is not my procrastination in starting this, rather, I am curious to see if mercury is present and if not then would I go a slightly different route if it were indeed other metals excluding mercury….which again, I would find hard to believe would be the case.

Justin spent some time thinking up a list with me awhile back, of many of the elements and things I have been exposed to both voluntarily as well as involuntarily over the past 15 years, which would explain why I believe both mercury as well as other heavy metals are the key factors in this chronic ‘mystery’ illness I have been struggling with for far too long now.

My missteps in a nutshell:

  1. Many rounds of many different ANTIBIOTICS in the past, for conditions ranging from bladder and sinus infections, to the 2 years of low dose antibiotics I took as a teenager to improve my acne prone skin…UGH. If I would’ve known then what I know now.

  2. 2-3 different brands and types of BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. (talk about messing with your hormones! I was uterine fibroid FREE up until then by the way)

  3. The daily use of ALUMINUM containing deodorants and metal containing makeups for more than 2 decades

  4. God knows how many VACCINATIONS I was given as a child

  5. Worked around many extremely TOXIC CHEMICALS at hair salons for over 16 years, where for the first 10 years I never even protected myself by wearing rubber gloves, and often came home with black stained palms of my hands and nails

  6. Lived in numerous old buildings (built between 1920-1935) with COPPER piping, of which I drank straight from the tap unknowingly. (side note-most of these buildings also had ‘popcorn’ ceiling and lead based paints, all of which I had to sign waivers to even become a tenant, releasing all responsibility of the cancer and reproductive causing harm these structures might very well contain)

  7. Sadly (which I believe is the worst to me personally) I had my 3 dental AMALGAMS removed from my mouth 10 years ago across the border in Tijuana by a dentist who did not use proper protective gear on himself or me…I remember inhaling many fumes and tasting metallic fluid pass down my throat.

  8. I have no idea what to think of wearing metal BRACES on my teeth for about 7 years, but I also remember the overwhelming taste of metal often in my mouth at orthodontist visits, as well as when I consumed hot beverages. YIKES. I wonder why I rarely come across anyone who thinks that these metals in our mouths for years at a time could not add to our problems?

So, I am certain this list is not exhaustive, but those were the main things that came to mind upon remembering.

Makes me sick to think about these things, and also makes me a little more comforted to look at what has surely led to my slow health decline for so many years.

I encourage ALL to take count of the past and try to remember things that might be hidden from the very front of our memories, and make a list of possible factors that could possibly contribute to our less than thriving states of health. And I am not just talking metals and mercury ONLY. I mean ALL kinds of diseases or chronic problems in our bodies that we seem to often come up empty on reasons behind them.

These are just my small non-exhaustive list of physical situations-the EMOTIONAL and spiritual are a whole other aspect altogether…

Okay, I will keep you posted as I continue to learn and put my stories and puzzle pieces together!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: a NAP midday which I never ever seem to be able to squeeze in:) SO happy!

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