5 Simple Tips For Overcoming Food Cravings


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5 Simple Tips For Overcoming Food Cravings


dealing-with-food-cravingsDo you crave unhealthy food like I do?

Still to this day I live with and deal with cravings for less then ideal foods.

I do indulge in less then ideal foods occasionally, and take steps to reverse or dampen the effects of the poor food choices. Here are my quick tips on food cravings and what I’ve tried in the past.

Typically people are addicted to foods that are sweet, salty, fatty, carbohydrate rich, sour and spicy foods. Certain foods (pizza) have their own gravity to certain people (me).

Here are a few tricks I use to see what exactly I’m craving when I feel endlessly hungry when I’m at home, because when I’m occupied physically or mentally I’m not hungry.

What To Do For Salty Food Cravings

Take a bit of Himalayan rock salt crush in my hand and lick it off my palm. I do this when I’m craving salty things, chips, other fried foods. Be very sparing with the amount of salt.

What To Do For Sweet Food Cravings

If I have a sweet craving I can take a teas spoon or more of honey or maple syrup to quell the craving.

What To Do For Fatty Food Cravings

Fatty food cravings, they can be matched with coconut oil perhaps used to make a quick snack or in a tea. Cacao and coconut oil simple an quick and you have fatty chocolate to fight two cravings. Fatty meats and cheeses on the other hand are much harder.

I find nuts really help a lot when dairy or meat cravings come. Soaked or not, downing a couple walnuts or cashews or pine nuts can do wonders. The best for filling and satiating fattyness is avocado.

Upgrade Your Food Choices

For when quick little amounts won’t curve your cravings, the best option to stop all out gluttony, is the healthiest alternative you can get your hands on. For me, raw pizza or pizza made on a flat bread or a wrap with healthier ingredients is best. Simply upgrade like David Wolfe talks about in his books and videos available on YouTube. Instead of french fries, baked sweet potato fries. If you’re going to drink alcohol, have organic wine instead of beer or hard liquor.

Instead of chips get kale chips. We have a dehydrator and we will make recipes for snacks to stop us from eating out or buying snacks when cravings hit us after work before or after supper during the week. Just take your favourite food and upgrade it as healthy an alternative you can make it.

What To Do When You’ve Done The Unthinkable…

If all else fails and you fall prey to some delicious evilness, remember it’s not all over and take appropriate steps to move on. Have apple cider vinegar to aid digestion, or probiotic or fermented food, or digestive enzymes. Perhaps chlorella to help detoxify after drinking, or other liver cleansing or blood purifying herbs. Maybe go work out or take a walk to help digest or at least raise metabolism to let the body dispose of less than ideal substances.

Perhaps drink liquids for a prolonged period to take away the burden of digestion for solid foods you may have had. Either way try your best, find what works for you and remember it’s not the end of the world, keep your head focused and a little junk food won’t harm you. Just hop back on the wagon an keep on keepin’ on.

Well I hope some of those tips can help find and fend off some cravings. Good luck and don’t forget your body requires maintenance, inspection and full throttle activity just like your vehicle.

Yours truly

– Jeff “The Rawganic Mechanic”


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