5 Foods I Will NEVER Eat


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5 Foods I Will NEVER Eat


FactoryFarming11Whenever I got out to eat with friends who don’t know how I eat, they always ask me if this particular food is okay for me to eat or if that’s okay to eat.

It’s almost as if they’re trying to draw a line in the sand and label each food as good or bad.

It’s quite strange how their minds work isn’t it? I mean how are you supposed to do that?

First of all I don’t feel like any food is good or bad. They’re all just varying degrees of good depending on about a thousand factors all at the same time.

For example, is juice good? Well it’s more healthy if the juice is made with organic vegetables that’s low in fruit sugar.

Would drinking that right before bed be good? Would it be good to drink that raw organic living vegetable juice during a heavy meal?

Probably not.

Diet (like contracts and quantum theory) are always in motion, always in flux and are changing minute by minute.

So having said all that are there foods that I avoid? Do I cheat and eat some food that I shouldn’t? Yes I do. Recently I had some organic coconut ice-cream called So Delicious. It was amazing and it was a little high in carbohydrates and sugar for my liking.

I have to admit it tasted amazing though.

Occasionally I’ll allow myself to enjoy some foods I normally wouldn’t. But here are foods I absolutely just will not eat.

Dairy From Factory Farmed Cows

dairygroupDairy from factory farmed cows should be eliminated from the planet. If people only knew what kind of living conditions these cows lived in and how they died they would never consume these products again. I don’t know what’s more sad, the fact that these animals have to live like this or that we’re so blind that we consume their products.

They live in the filth of their own waste. They barely have enough room to move around, they’re injected with synthetic hormones and fed genitcially modified corn and we think we’re going to somehow get more calcium if we drink their dead milk?

C’mon people, wake up and stop supporting these industries.

I wouldn’t eat this stuff for all the tea in China.


whole-grain-wheat-rice-pasta2By not eating wheat or grains you’re basically removing thousands of food options from your diet. These are foods like pasta, cereal, bread, bagels, pizza, crackers, chips and the list goes on and on.

The way wheat is grown destroys our planet and it’s costly because it has to be shipped from all over the world to get to its final location. It’s also dangerous because of the fact that it’s basically indigestible because of the high phytic acid and it creates acidity and inflammation all throughout the body.

Gluten and grains are foods man was never meant to consume. It’s the cause of people losing height as they get older, it causes all kinds of health problems within the body. Not only that but most of it is hybridized and the naturally occurring iodine has been removed (because we like white bread) and replaced with bromine which actually rob iodine from the body and damage your thyroid. Talk about a double whammy.

Also consider the fact that most dough is kneaded using municipal tap water that contains hundreds of chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, and homeopathic residues of pharmaceutical drugs and medications.

No thanks.

I’ll pass on the bowl of pasta.


5594436-cherry-with-sugar-lips-between-woman-perfect-teeth-macro-mouthThere’s no doubt about it, the science is clear, sugar (most notably in the processed forms) raises inflammation in the body and there’s a direct relation between cancer and sugar. Cancer cells have roughly 12 times the receptor sites to uptake sugar. It’s what it feeds on.

Excess sugar causes premature aging, organ damage and calcification in the body. It’s the number one way to die sooner than you should and yet at the same time it tastes amazing doesn’t it?

Who doesn’t like sugary cereals or ice-cream or shakes or candy bars? There’s no doubt they taste good but I don’t eat the stuff. I value my life too much. I do consume small amounts of fruit and or raw organic honey from time to time but mostly I stick with green leaf stevia if I can help it.

Stay away from sugar if you want to stay flexible and live a long healthy disease free life.


high-fructose-corn-syrup-250x150Just about everything has some type of corn product in it. It might have corn starch, corn itself or high fructose corn syrup in it. Corn is everywhere and it’s almost impossible to get away from.

There’s a reason the United States government subsidizes corn crops. Most corn (as does wheat crops) rape the minerals from the top soil of the earth and destroys the environment. Not only that but just about all of it is genetically modified as well.

And when you consume high fructose corn syrup you’re consuming a more concentrated amount of GMO’s in your can of Coke, Pepsi or your favorite soft drink.

The stuff is poison and will shave off years of your life.

Factory Farmed Meat

factory-farmed-meat-vs-free-range-meat-8As with factory farmed dairy products the same holds true for factory farmed meat. Not only are the cows eating ground up other cows mixed with corn and grains, they’re living in excrement and feces all day long.

Then they’re injected with hormones and antibiotics because they’re so sick they couldn’t live otherwise.

Some of these cows can’t even stand on their own. Talk about sad.

If you’re doing to eat me (like I do) eat hormone free, free range, organic, 100% grass fed (and grass finished) meat from healthy cows treated with compassion and love.

Don’t participate in factory farming.

So there you have it. These are my main “non negotiables” when it comes to food and diet. Most of the time I like to do lots of fresh, raw, organic, whole foods and eat those as much as possible.

I do include animal products in my diet like bee pollen, honey, deer antler, bone broths, animal meats and so forth.

Eating meat is a question we all have to decide for ourselves and come to that conclusion on our own. But I suggest coming up with your own “non negotiable” list of foods that you absolutely will not eat and then focus on adding the good stuff in.

Sounds easy enough right?

If you have any non negotiable foods I’d love for you to share them below!

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