5 Anti Cancer Habits I Do Each Day


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5 Anti Cancer Habits I Do Each Day


anti-cancer-articleI read recently that of all the health conditions that people could be diagnosed with, cancer is the most feared amongst Americans. I guess this is understandable. If you follow our work to any degree you’ll realize cancer is the entire reason I got into health in the first place.

My mom had non hodgkin’s lymphoma and was given less than a 10% chance at surviving. At the time I was about 19 years old and I watched my mom go through chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant at The City of Hope.

I was scared for her and for us as a family. I even donated platelets for her bone marrow transplant. After watching my mom go through that I thought there had to be a way to not only prevent cancer but also treat it naturally rather than being subjected to all these drugs and chemicals.

You can read more about my journey into health and nutrition on the about us page of this website if you’re interested.

In my opinion you must do things every single day that are anti cancer, anti heart attack and anti every other disease on the planet. Because we’re exposed to so many toxins, stress, chemicals and poisons on a daily basis it’s almost inevitable (if you’re eating a standard American diet SAD) that you’ll end up getting some kind of disease later in life.

Now there are lots of little things I do each day like drink spring water, get enough sleep, chew my food, think positive thoughts and make green smoothies etc that are anti cancer but I thought I’d share these 5 anti cancer habits I do each day because they’re actual habits I do each day.

So here she goes…

Relax FAR Infrared Sauna

I’ve read that cancer cells are directly affected by heat. They don’t like a high heat environment. The relax sauna we have have gets hot and it penetrated deep into the tissues, organs and bones of the body.

Also toxins get stored in the fat cells of the body so removing the toxins allows the circulation of hte body to improve. Where there is stagnation there is disease. Bacteria and debris accumulate in stagnant ponds that don’t move not in flowing rivers. Sweating is a great way to cleanse and detoxify the body thus preventing not just cancer but most all diseases.


What’s the first thing a general doctor will do if you tell him your sick or want to get a screening for cancer? He’ll feel under your armpits, around your neck and near your groin. Why? Because swollen lymph nodes indicate infection and possible toxicity.

The lymph nodes are so important they act as a gate or fence from all your extremities to your chest cavity. They are the protectors.

Rebounding is a great way to cleanse and open up your lymphatic system. The human body has more lymph fluid than it does actual blood. The lymphatic fluid (among many other processes that it does) stores toxins and waste from the body. The only issue is that the lymphatic fluid has no way of cleansing itself. Because of the gravity and up and down motion of bouncing, millions of one way valves get opened and closed each time you jump.

This squeezing action helps to cleanse the lymph nodes of excess poisons and toxins.


After our interview with Keith Pendlebury we bought some selenium to protect against cancer. We take 1 tablet (200 mcg – micro-grams) per day. Selenium is known throughout the world to be very protective against cancer as well as helping to get rid of it, should you have it.

Selenium is a mineral that’s been depleted in American soils since the 1930’s. If you can get wild Brazil nuts they can contain lots of selenium. The only issue with getting selenium from food, is that you never know how many micro-grams you’re going to get because it all depends on the soil health and agricultural principles of the farmers who grew them. If you want to know which selenium to buy click here and click on the ebook about cancer from Keith Pendlebury.

Low Sugar

Cancer feeds on sugar. There are many more receptor sites on cancer cells for sugar than regular cells. If you take away its food, cancer can no longer continue to grow. How many people have you known that ate lots of processed sugar only to be diagnosed with cancer?

Don’t feed the cancer by eating sugar. A lot of people ask about fruit. If you have cancer, you might want to seriously consider limiting your intake of….yes even fruit. I said “consider” because I’m not giving health advice and only you can make the decisions for you. If it were me I’d seriously consider limiting all my sugar intake during the time of cancer using my natural cancer treatments.

High Alkaline Diet

The other thing we want to do is to create an environment where it’s difficult to live and grow. What do cancer cells not like? A high oxygenated environment that’s alkaline. There’s a lot of debate about the acid alkaline balance of the body, the blood and tissues. I invite you to do your homework on it because it seems like everybody has an opinion.

Just realize that you can manipulate the ph of the blood to create an environment that cancer doesn’t like. Some people have varying opinions about exactly what that ph should be, but my suggestion to you is do some research and know that you can create a nasty internal environment that makes it difficult for cancer cells to grow.

I add lots of fresh salad greens to my smoothies from our garden as well as making green juices each day. I also eat some other foods that are acidic to make sure I have a balance.

So there you have it. There are 5 anti cancer things you can do each day to prevent any kind of cancers from forming. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Preventing cancer is much easier than trying to cure it once you’ve been diagnosed. Also keep in mind that the principles and protocols used for each would not only vary for what you could or should be doing but they’d also vary in intensity for each one.

I would highly recommend listening to our interviews with Ty Bollinger and then buy his amazing book called, Cancer Step Outside the Box.

Question of the day

What kinds of things do you do each day to prevent cancer?

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