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3 Things To Do After You Eat Crappy Food

example-of-eating-badlyYou’ve done it, I’ve done it, let’s face it we’ve all done it.

No I’m not talking about…

I’m talking about eating something we know we should not have. For me I always tend to do things to the fullest extent. No use drinking 8 ounces of a green juice I might as well drink 16 ounces. I tend to do multiple things all at the same time. If one super food is good in my smoothie why not add the best protein powder on the market to that?

If some is good, more is better.

Unfortunately this isn’t always true. Less is better sometimes so I need to learn how to calm it down a little bit.

The challenge for me though is if there’s some unhealthy food around I’ll eat a lot of it. I can’t just have a little bit. When I turned 26 Kate bought me 26 chocolate chip cookies to celebrate. This was before I knew anything about health. It was a year later that I read Fit For Life and everything changed.

So I ate almost all 26 chocolate chip cookies in 2 days. I ate about half of them or more that evening before bed and then the rest the next morning for breakfast. If I did that now I’d be in the hospital. I guess if I did that now I’d opt for the healthier raw food version of cookies and I’d feel amazing afterwards!

Back then all I knew how to do was to lie on the floor in agony and wish I had never eaten all those sweets.

Now that I know better there are some things I can do to mitigate that feeling you get after you eat something really really bad.

Accept It

I believe what we think about food and how our bodies work has more of an impact on how we digest food than the actual physical act of digestion. When you beat yourself up for eating “bad” food, you’re simply adding insult to injury. If you tell yourself that what you just ate (be it pizza, pasta, ice-cream or even a can of soda) was healthy and your body needed it, I’m convinced your body will be able to handle it better.

If you look into the work of Dr. Emoto in The Messages of Water you’ll see that praying and having positive thoughts can manipulate physical matter. If these types of things can do it with water, why not with food?

Why not go a step further and talk to the cells of your body? Maybe this is why praying over your food is all about? Giving thanks to God for what’s been provided for you actually helps the biological and chemical balance of your body to deal with the food.

Instead of beating yourself up after eating a “bad” meal, why not take it into the positive and actually have that “bad” meal nourish your cells? I think there’s immense power in how we think and how our thoughts affect our biology.

Relax & Don’t Exercise

Rather than eating something heavy and exercising, personally I believe it’s best to rest and allow your body to digest. Every time we exercise we’re creating acids in our body and most notably lactic acid. Energy is being robbed from digestion to providing enough blood and oxygen to your muscles in order for you to complete whatever exercise you’re doing.

Allow your body to rest and relax at least initially after eating a big meal. Sometimes it might be benefitial to do some kind of exercise if you’ve consumed a lot of sweets in order for your body to deal with the spikes in blood sugar. But generally I like to relax after I’ve eaten food that’s less than ideal for my body.


Sometimes if I know I’m going to eat less than ideal food I’ll supplement with some powerful digestive enzymes, along with digestive bitters (Tell Michael we sent you and he’ll send you 2 weeks free supply of earthen ormus on your first purchase!) formulated by one of our favorite people Michael King. I also take some hydrochloric acid after the meal in order for my body to burn through the food much easier. I don’t go anywhere without my digestive supplements.

Also something good to consider doing for the next day is to start the day off by making a big fat green juice filled with alkaline vegetables like kale, lemon, celery and cucumber. If you have to, you can add in a green apple to help it taste a little bit better. If you’d like an entire program that I recommend developed by Drew Canole, it’s called Juice Up Your Life and I highly recommend it.

Doing this will ensure that you start the next day off right and telling your body that you’re worth it and you’re taking the time to invest in your health and your life.

So how about you? What do you do after you’ve eaten a meal that’s less than excellent?

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