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3 Reasons You No Longer Control Your Health

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Whether you like it or not or whether you know it or not, there is a battle of control going on for your health. The governments and corporations would prefer that you think that they are in control of your health.

They do not want you to understand that there is a very are real connection between how long you live, whether or not you get a disease, how healthy you are and the actual foods that you consume on a daily basis. They do not want you to know that the food you eat has a direct impact on these conditions.

They would prefer that the only nutritional knowledge you know has to do with the connection between calories in and calories out and how that relates to losing weight or gaining weight. You see, fitness and nutritional trainers along with medical doctors would like you to think that the body is merely a mechanical machine. It’s all about calories, fats, carbohydrates.

They would like you to think that an artery in your heart is similar to a worn out carburetor in your car. Their entire philosophy is mechanistic.

They do not understand that the carburetor in your car is simply a hunk of metal.

On the other hand your artery is living tissue that is controlled by DNA, electrical energy, and requires blood flow and constant communication with every other organ and system in your body.

We are not cars. We are living beings with a soul and the breath of life given to us by God.

You will never have complete control over your body your health and your life if you simply believe what you hear on television and on the mainstream radio.

1. The Use Of Language

The Whole Idea Of “Risk” Seems Fishy

Have you ever noticed that whenever you see a commercial or hear an ad on the radio, they always talk about your own “risk” for cancer, your “risk” for heart disease, or your “risk” of catching the flu? You see that word that they use, risk was chosen very carefully and very cleverly by that people creating be at. Risk implies an inherant lack of control on your part.

They do not want you to believe that you have any control over your health. So they use the idea of risk to make you believe that no matter what you do, no matter how you live, no matter what you eat, no matter how much sleep you get, no matter how much you exercise you do, there is nothing you can do about your risk of getting a certain disease. Give me a break.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Right? Some things are completely out of your control like your health. Right? This whole idea of risk and applying a percentage to risk is completely designed to take power from you.

The Word “Medical”

Fortunately I do not watch much TV nowadays, but when I did I would see commercials all the time that were promoting pharmaceutical medications (or poisions as I like to call them). They would often refer to health conditions that people had, as “medical conditions”. This use of language is extremely subtle yet extremely powerful.

It is interesting that an ailment in the human body is labeled as a medical condition. Why is the condition all of a sudden medical? It’s no longer a health condition, it’s a medical condition. Why do they use this sort of language? Because they want you to believe that only medicines, drugs or the medical establishment namely doctors and Physicians are the people that can cure you of your “medical condition”.

You see you don’t have medical conditions you have health conditions. But by using the word medical in front of the word “conditions” implies that the medical industry is where you will find the answers to your condition. But this is simply not the case. The medical industry is designed to treat the symptoms and not the cause thereby setting up a system of lifetime dependence on your doctor that will ensure consistent profits.

The Word “Doctor”

Have you ever seen or read a book or some online material that says something like, “please do not start any exercise program without seeing a qualified health practitioner or your doctor first.” I’m sure you have seen as 1000 times like I have. But have you ever stopped to think about why those words are in their other than for legal reasons? Obviously the person giving the advice is afraid of being sued by doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, or the FDA otherwise they would not have included those words.

But on a more subtle level let’s look at what those words are trying to convey. Essentially they are saying you don’t know anything about your body, you do not know how to listen to your body, so what you need is to entrust your health and your life about your body to a doctor. This is just insane.

How does a doctor Who has had almost zero nutritional training know anything about how your body works in relation to nutrition? Why do we give our rights and our freedom to some doctor?

Think about it, they want you to trust them with your life in with your body. Essentially what they’re saying here is they want complete control over your health.

Mom Genes Made Me Do It!

I have also learned from commercials and television that they have been able to map the entire human genome. I’m not sure if you knew this but about 20% of your DNA is now patented by corporations. If you have a baby, technically you’re committing patent infridgement. But that is an entirely different issue.

They will say that they have discovered the gene for diabetes, or the gene for cancer. Are they nuts? There is no such a gene for diabetes and there is no such gene for cancer. There is what is called causation or correlation and what’s called genetic weakness. This accounts for less than 2% of the cause for such diseases. And on top of that, the likelihood of that 2% actually mutating is something called epigenetics. Just because you have a genetic weakness for cancer, doesn’t mean that you will get cancer anymore than having a desire to play professional basketball will make you an NBA player.

They want you to think that there is a gene for every condition so that you will place your trust and hope in them to be able to come up with some sort of medication or pharmaceutical drug that will manipulate your gene so as to not express itself. It’s absolutely crazy.

Ever heard somebody say,”why haven’t they found a cure for cancer yet?” This is what I’m talking about. You have the cure inside your own body, it’s called a functioning immune system.

There is a quote that says, “just because xyz disease runs in your family, doesn’t mean you have to run with it.”

I’m not one who likes quotes very much as they can often be very trite and not very deep. But I believe that this quote has some meaning in this context. Essentially it is saying that you have control over whether or not you get any disease. People often get diseases by learning how to eat highly refined and processed foods from their mother and father.

The cause of the disease is on their dinner plate, not in their genes.

2. Fear Is All They Have

The entire medical and pharmaceutical industry is based on fear and trying to control your health. And they want you to think that random things can happen to you for no good reason and could result in your death unless you take their chemical poisons they like to call prescription drugs. A good example of this even though it doesn’t involve prescription drugs is the lie that unless you take an aspirin a day you are at a higher risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack.

Did God create your body with an aspirin or Bayer deficiency? After He was done creating you He must have simply just forgot to infuse into your bloodstream an adequate amount of aspirin or Tylenol. Think about the absurdity of that.

If they can instill fear in you, they have a lifelong customer. Because they have all the answers to your health remember?

3. Programming Their Way In

Programming happens at the most basic and fundamental levels when we are very young. We are taught to respect men in white lab coats. We are taught to always consult a doctor If something is wrong with us. Have you ever seen the words, “clinical trials suggest…”, or “medical breakthroughs”, “doctor recommended”, or “physician approved”? These are all words designed to get you to place all of your trust and health into a doctor’s hands. It’s all programming people. Don’t you see it?

Somehow along the way we became unable to listen to our own bodies and we have become unable to cure or prevent diseases ourselves. So what do we do? We run to the doctor’s office every time we get a cold or a flu because the doctor’s office is where healing takes place. Right?


Many times people start feeling better or their symptoms simply subside on their way to the doctor’s office.

As long as you’re able to be programmed, they have a customer for life. So make sure to trust your doctor and listen to all of his advice.

I think of the TV show called “The Doctors”. That to me is 100% propaganda. Stop being programmed and start listening to your own intuition. Stop taking their word for it. Start being a skeptical thinker. Remember the medical industry is a “for profit” industry.

They’re more concerned with the bottom line, than your health. Everybody knows that.

What About The God Factor?

For those of you who believe in God like I do, He is obviously a factor in not only our health but our life as well. In the bible he says that he alone numbers are days, and that the very hairs of our head are numbered. Our life is very much in his hands.

But what that does not mean is that we can live our life as recklessly and as unhealthy as we want and expect good results to come from that. This article is meant to empower you, not to place your power and other people’s hands. By living an unhealthy lifestyle and then expecting god to come in at the end to heal our bodies is simply not being a good steward of this temple that he has given us. He has called us to take good care of this temple that we have not to ruin it, trash it and abuse it like we do.

Obviously god can heal anybody from a multitude of sins that they have committed against their own body, but purposely living that way and expecting god to step in at the end is not only not fair to you, to your loved ones, but most importantly it is not fair to god.

One way you can worship god is to take care of the body he has given you.

You Can Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Remember that one of the goals of the government’s is to get you to believe that they not only have power over your health but they also have all of the answers to your health questions. I believe it is very important to understand how the game is played. That doesn’t mean we have to play the same game that they play but that simply understanding what’s going on, and how the media works is going to be extremely beneficial if you want to reach your health goals.

In order to start to change your limiting beliefs about the amount of power that you actually have over your health, simply start removing yourself as much as you can from the mainstream media. And when you are exposed to the mainstream media in the form of commercials, news broadcasts and television shows, I would strongly suggest that you at the very least mute the commercials or simply fast forward through them. Remember commercials are nothing more than propaganda and they are used to make you feel like you have no power over your life or your health. They use psychology to instill within you just a slight level of dissatisfaction with your current situation. So my suggestion is to simply not watch television as much as you can.

Once you start understanding how the media is trying to disempower you and get you to put your trust and control into the hands of men in white lab coats, then you can start to formulate a system in which you can prevent the amount of disempowering information that is coming at you on a daily basis. Once you start to learn how they use language, music and psychology it’s really quite simple to see it every time you are presented with it.

Just realize that you have the power over your health and no doctor or no diagnosis can dictate to you the outcome of your current situation.

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