2014 Recap - Be Careful What You Wish For & Why I'm Choosing This To Be My Word For 2015


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2014 Recap – Be Careful What You Wish For & Why I’m Choosing This To Be My Word For 2015



Feel Good Project day 61

[spp-tweet “”There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” C.S. Lewis”]

This year : ‘Another one in the can’, as Justin always says when wrapping up an Extreme Health Radio interview 🙂

Cannot believe how time flies. Still cannot wrap my mind around this being the very last day of 2014.

But boy are we ready!!!

Our intention we put out last year was for 2014 to be a year of ‘CHANGE’.

From the minute we claimed that as our word for the year, it sure delivered. Be careful what your intentions are because we took off like a bat out of hell! From the minute New Years day rolled around, change embraced us and propelled us to new heights and experiences within as well as outside of ourselves.

Last January while on a trip to the Dominican Republic right after the year started, was where I declared that upon my arrival I would be cutting my salon days from three to one, and that by the end of 2014 my intention was to be done altogether. That is actually amazing to see come into fruition.

My health journey and return to wellness has been unparalleled. There have been ups and downs, complete highs and lows, tears of joy and frustration. There have been physical miracles. New lifelong friends met. Ties cut with old friends who grew apart. Dreams that have found me that I never knew were somewhere deep inside of me. Books read that have changed my life.

I believe I have actually for the first time in my entire existence found what my PURPOSE is-what I was put here on earth to DO!!!! I have also glimpsed at what it means to just BE.

The list of goals and dreams for 2015 that I will be sitting down to make tomorrow with Justin will no doubt be long and seemingly over ambitious to the outsider looking in. But if anyone could have lived my past year, they too would believe that anything is possible. And in my case-probable.

Robin, one of my best friends in the entire world sent me a text the other day in reply to me telling her about my decision to quit my job of almost sixteen years which said…

“Wow! So happy and proud. It’s going to be exciting to see what God does. He will not let you down. MORE is the word he has for you!!!!”

I marinated on that for awhile and soaked up what the meant to ME.

I believe it. MORE is the word I am claiming for 2015.

MORE what?

More life. More faith. More trust and less fear. More letting go. More restored health. More love. More everyday miracles. More dreams fulfilled. More provision. More abundance. More energy. More clarity of which paths to walk down and which doors to shut. More simplicity. More peace. More healing. More strength. More forgiveness. More honesty. More grace, for myself and others. More acceptance. More drive. More passion.

And that’s just to name a few!

Think I’m dreaming to big?

I am learning there is no such thing. Dreams are free, so it doesn’t cost any more to dream HUGE than to dream a little dream!

2014 it’s been amazing. I kiss you goodbye and thank you from the bottom of by being for exposing how beautiful and FULL life can be and continues to be.

2015 watch out- here I come!!!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: The sweet checker lady at the health food store told Justin and I she liked our energy as a couple. She had never met us before but it seemed she saw something different and unique, and I have to say I agree-Justin is AMAZING. He makes being married an absolute joy and I know what we have is very special. I told her thanks of course, and that I liked our energy too:) Absolutely grateful and blessed. 🙂

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