Chromium For Heart Attacks, Diabetes by Robert von Sarbacher


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Chromium Is Essential For Heart Health, Longevity & Blood Sugar Issues by Robert von Sarbacher

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Sure… real chromium vs “fake” (meaning inorganic) chromium picolinate (fake: also known as heavy metal chromium combined with human poop extract, literally…) fake has 1/2 % absorption… in general … reaL has 50% +absorption…. fake adds picolinate to it to increase it’s absorption to 1 or 2 % woohoo… absorb that heavy metal woo hoo… unbelievable….whopping quadruple absorption from nothing to 4x nothing – how special is that!

Real makes the body easily able to reverse all pancreas issues (hypo or hyperglycemia/diabetes) (as it is the #1 element for the pancreas, heart and liver) – total reversal by the body of all diabetes no matter how bad and no matter what filth you pile into your mouth the entire time!!!

It must be taken SLOWLY by those on insulin as the affect on pancreas and insulin lessening is dramatic and must not push it too fast…- if you are a wild “filth piling in” person hehe.. we understand…but now must take about 5 other pills with it to make it do it’s job…. usually perfect blood readings.

In less than 6 months… usually.. but has a limit as to how much can be taken and in what time period it can be taken, it is limited to 1 pill every 4 hours, take the whole bottle at once, no prob but wasted money – it will flush the amt that is over it’s limit… so for liver cleanses nothing makes it easier to do a cleanse than chromium b/c it protects against detox side effects, so go for the liver herbs sure!

But only help yourself during that time period by taking chromium, uh, real one that is!… Helps the liver naturally detox itself as well but never expect it to BE a detox in and of itself!

It is NOT.

The 4 hours was not made up randomly, this was after years of testing – the human body will not take in real Chromium above a certain amount over a certain period of time, it will NOT go into use but will be flushed… (ie about 115 mcg of chromium, per person per 4 hours is the limit of the human body!


Nothing strengthens it more as an element than … chromium… more so than any other elements.


There’s a study where technicians trying to see the toxicity of real chromium – lab animals wouldn’t die – with the taking of it in overdoses apparently – and ended up being the longest lived lab animals in the history of experimentation soooo, one pill at say, 8am, nooon, 4pm, 8pm and even for the crazy people –take one more at midnight b/c they are still awake… just remember the 4 hour interval is all… anywho.

You must monitor blood sugar to make sure you know how much Type II diabetic meds to take and only wean off accordingly per meds instructions… but then again, medications and instructions therewith are taken according to blood sugar levels… just extra tidbits on real chromium vs fake…

Next is the use of Chromium in those with Type 1 diabetes instead – ie, those that are on insulin…. Take one pill on day one and WATCHHHH the blood sugar levels, you must be wise b/c this cannot be increased quickly (ie, must use Chromium slowly b/c if you build up too fast and with pancreas using chromium as a co factor that really makes insulin work MUCH better, then there could be problems if you take too much chromium too soon, so WATCH IT! Start off one pill a day for a week, then 2 pills a day for a week then 3 pills a day for a week and 4 pills a day thereafter… )

If your are the type of person with Type I or II that loves to eat junk food and loves insulin and medications so much b/c YOU NEVER HAVE TO GIVE UP EATING FILTH… then this will not be enough – you will require 5 other types of pills to take each day at same time to make this work out for you…. So that you can eat all the filth you pile down your gullet and still your body will have enough tools to not have to worry about your diabetes anymore….

However most would rather stay on meds and insulin instead b/c they have 100% paid for by insurance and cannot afford the $150 worth of pills or more you take every month under these circumstances… those who eat so terribly and want to have no self control over their diet at all will probably also not want the extra expense above the $30ish per month they are spending on Chromium alone… everyone has their choice, no judgment.

After the 6 months you can cut down accordingly on the amount of Chromium you are taking say 3 or 2 pills a day might do it for life? Maybe??? Just keep watching the blood sugar levels…

PS more Chromium facts:

Pigs Don’t Lie

If you want to fight fat and keep a lean, muscular body, you can try going to the gym and spending hours and hours lifting, running, spinning… …or you can use chromium. Did you know that one study took commercial pigs and fed them chromium, and measured significant fat reduction? They changed nothing else about the pigs … all they did was give them chromium and they got lean.

1 Not only that, but they had an increase in muscle, as well. Another study at the University of Kentucky found much the same thing. They added chromium to the diet of pigs and got an “increased percentage of muscle and decreased percentage of fat.

2 But it’s not just pigs telling the tale of chromium.

An Austrian study gave one group of people a calorie-restricted diet and another group chromium for 26 weeks. The people in the chromium group lost just as much weight as the people eating almost nothing. And, like the other studies, they had increased lean muscle mass.3 And it gets better. They then gave chromium to the people who had dropped weight through calorie restriction, and those people were able to increase their lean muscle mass without gaining weight back.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough chromium through what we eat. Some of the reasons are:

• Modern nutrition advice – It tells you to eat mostly grains and lean meat, which gives you little chromium. One study showed that 90 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough chromium through our food.4
• Junk food – Most of the snacks available are full of sugar which can form phytic acid. This binds to chromium and prevents it from being absorbed.
• Fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides – These are used on our crops and deplete them of important trace minerals like chromium.
• Stomach medications – Antacids block chromium absorption.
• Age – As you get older, it gets tougher to retain chromium.5 Meanwhile you need chromium because it handles one of the problems of why people become obese. That’s because it’s a co-factor for insulin.

Chromium makes your insulin more efficient because it helps insulin take sugar and turn it into energy. That helps you decrease your insulin production, so your body doesn’t take sugar from your bloodstream and store it as fat. But a lack of chromium is just one reason why people are overweight

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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