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New Show: Why I Don’t Vote, Iron, Magnesium, Light & How To Turn Things Around!


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So today’s show was a bit impromptu. We were unable to connect to Dr. Richard Massey today. I just love him and his work so much.

In my opinion the spiritual emotional connection to health is the first place to start. This is the highest level of health. You can do everything you want physically but if you have unresolved emotional traumas it’s going to be way more challenging to heal from any health challenge.

So I was disappointed we didn’t get a chance to hear from Dr. Massey today.

But fortunately I always have a ton of information I can share.

So today I talked about some pretty basic health concepts like balancing your mineral profile and getting the proper kind of light while also doing your best to mitigate wifi and dirty electricity because of what it does to the voltage on your cell membrane.

Please share far and wide my friends! 🙂

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Voting, iron, magnesium, copper, nnemf, blue light and how to build your health!

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