How Bringing More Mindfulness Into Your Eating Habits Can Cause Massive Personal Growth


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How Bringing More Mindfulness To Your Meals Can Cause Massive Personal Growth



What vitamin is that I hear you ask? The vitamin of love! What has that got to do with health and wellness – isn’t love when two people meet and they then live happily ever after?

Since studying with IIN in New York my world around health, wellness and food has connected so many dots and also cemented the power of how love, and our emotions, effect everything we do.

The first time I heard Joshua Rosenthal speak about love’s power and how IIN is built upon it , I knew in that moment that this is the missing ingredient in so many lives , families and homes across the world . I myself had been very reluctant to receive and give love in the past, but I now know love is all there is. We can live life in fear or love and that choice is ours to make.

Since deciding to take a far more conscious path in all I do , it has given me many opportunities to go within and discover the true self – and once again connect to the higher vibrational thought forms of love , joy , gratitude and to the energy many might call god or the universe.

I don’t call it anything , I believe there is an energy that is more than we individually are which can not be named. It just is and we are it .

It all started with making the decision to live ‘clean’.

Eating clean has different meanings for many people as we all give it different emotional attachments for many different reasons .

I grew up on a farm and the basis of our diet were meat and potatoes and early on that was all I knew . I then lived in London and from the different food experiences I had while living and traveling around the world it began to change the way I lived and ate .

The common thread I began to experience was the way I felt when I began to eat organic food which I cooked myself or in establishments which took no short cuts when preparing their food – it was like you could taste the love in the food .

Top of the list was a deep ethic to bring a food experience to the table which was not in any way shape or form from the past industrialized way in which food is produced . It was going back to the way we as a human race had always prepared our food meals with home cooked love.

My wife Loraine and I have adopted home cooking as often as possible as part of our weekly focus and make a large effort now to explore the many recipes available to us and in the process broaden our ingredient experience .

The exciting outcome is from the intention to once again create the kitchen as our homes centre piece, our lives are beginning to shape with the same love and energy our grand mothers used when they were cooking .

We turned the T.V. off many months ago and have since chosen to never watch it. Computer screens are a big part of our lives and they too get closed down , a calming love is the practice we approach our cooking with and we get to connect in a quiet stillness while cooking and talk about our day and life’s journey.

The major outcome in this is all of the love uptake which then extends into our lives. Food is another form of energy and when gifting the practice of cooking as much love as possible it then has the opportunity to extend into all we do.

Love is such a key ingredient in all we cultivate in our lives . To take a moment to consider we all have this at our disposal within us at any given moment.

I believe the family kitchen is the heartbeat of all we do and what a great place to start with living our lives with this in mind .

It might be a meal which many would describe as very simple , yet having it cooked at home and feeding our bodies , minds and souls with this energy it has to uplift us to a wonderful new life experience which we then bring into the world to make it a wonderful loving place.

Yours in Home Cooking Health


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