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Day 1: Sometimes I Want To Throw In The Towel & Eat Junk Food Again



Feel Good Project day 106

I’ll never forget that quote I heard a few years back that David Wolfe said-

If you want what everyone else has keep doing what everyone else is doing. But if you want something different, then you must do something radically different on a daily basis.

That might not be the EXACT quote, but that’s how I remember it sinking in.

Isn’t this so true though?

Where I tend to get frustrated is that it ‘seems’ like everyone around me in my group of family and friends (with a few exceptions) can eat and live however they want with little to NO negative effects or consequences. And to that I say GREAT! I wouldn’t wish ill upon my worst enemy. Especially when it comes to health and a disturbance in the health balance in our delicate systems.

I pray it would always continue this way for them, but sadly I know that a less than desirable outcome (based on statistics at least) is not in their favor down the road.

This is where I get really REALLY SAD.

It is fair (in my opinion) to say that it makes zero sense why I am the ‘best’ eater of all, (with so many healthy lifestyle habits to boot) and I have seemingly the MOST health challenges. I’ll be honest in saying that sometimes you feel like a fool for living by example of what healthy living and eating looks like, only to be laid up some days with digestive issues SO bad I am completely leveled.

Sometimes I want to curse it all and just be done. But I can’t.

That won’t get me anywhere closer to TRUE healing.

Healing is NOT for the faint of heart let me tell you. One has to be willing to step so far outside of comfort zones and everyday conveniences to actually see and feel the healing taking place. The road is usually not fast or smooth, of which I have experienced and still am continuing to experience, on a daily basis.

This is my official day 1 of a 21 day liquids fast, consisting of bone broth and juices.

Why is she doing this, you might ask?

Well, because I HAVE to do something different to get different results than I am getting lately. I have roller coasted around all over the place the past year, from feeling like I was on death’s door to feeling completely healed…all leaving me completely and utterly confused.

I feel I still need to address spiritual aspects and causes of chronic illness and discomfort, along with the physical side again-this time I will try other new things I have yet to try in hopes that they can offer me some true freedom from this situation I find myself in.

Trying to not complain about this way I have been living for so long now, I have stuffed it down and I feel as if it has somewhat gotten ‘stuck’ again. I figure what better way to jump start the process to a return to health again than a long juice fast!

Never having done anything longer than a 10 day fast before, this will prove to have it’s own challenges I am sure. I expect there to be all kinds of emotions and physical feelings my body will go through.

Day 1 today was actually a lot easier than expected though when I compare it to other fasts I have done in the past. A short bout of nausea lasting about 2 minutes was the worst part honestly. Food has been making me feel so horrible lately that I wasn’t enticed by it today and it was easy to be around it without being seduced by it:)

Up until this point I have been eating pretty darn amazingly healthy, so it has come as a surprise to me just HOW bad my digestive problems have gotten again. There is some trigger for sure…I have yet to figure out what it is but watch out world! I am determined beyond belief and refuse to keep going like this.

No longer will I accept my ‘new normal’ I have gotten so used to. This fast will prove difficult at times, but a giant blessing I know.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Didn’t have to get in the car ONCE today which is amazing! Makes me feel so great that I have prepared enough for this fast that I had everything I needed (and more, as i have been making my own bone broth for months now and freezing it!) so I could relax and just be with this process fully, without having to stress and scramble. There is no such thing as being too prepared for a fast I am learning, due to the things I have done differently this fast vs fasts in the past!


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