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ASEA by Robert von Sarbacher

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Had to share my story with everything because this was just too much fun… about 15 years ago a man named Paul Klebs, N.D., Naturopath, was doing a lot of underground nutrition seminars for people as cancers and other diseases started disappearing from his clients… It was in the Northern USA and I had heard a lot about him from so many but he had no books or such out there at the time to read so no way to catch up with him on what he knew and had learned over the years.. I “assigned” some colleagues to find him…He had grown up as a 3rd generation master herbalist like his parents and grandparents… so it was quite exciting hearing about him… and also all his success… he even was one of the top earners in Nikken Magnetic products that were famous the world over in the alternative medicine fields….

He was a top earner I was told also at another place – all of which he did on the side in addition to his clients and working as an N.D….. but he encountered some flack from the FDA who kept putting him in jail for talking about nonsensical diseases… as well as flack from Nikken saying he’s making too much money we just can’t have him selling any other products but ours because he’s making too much money (this is commonplace practice in the MLM industry I found out later, if you are successful they will remove you from the company if you don’t sell ONLYYYY their products…it’s sounds super corrupt but honestly their just terrified one word from him and they’ll loose all their business – seems like many MLMs are like this! Hehe… ) soooo, he sold out his position and went to Mexico which is also commonplace practice… but he refused to be told that he couldn’t help people with other products that he knew also worked especially and in addition to the use of those Nikken products….

He was NOT all about the money… money is just a means to an end to him, a means to help people (and I suppose in my own opinion a way to get people motivated to be in the nutrition business as well, which is all dandy as far as I’m concerned, I just don’t like the corruption which says if you’re making a lot money you’ll have to give up helping people, but isn’t the PURPOSE of getting that much money TOOOO HELPPPPP PEOPLEEEE???????????? Who is it that makes a ton of money and then only thinks of themselves, uh, besides the majority that do this…. Isn’t this backwards??? But I digress.)

So guess what happens next… one of my colleagues found him finally!!! Gave me his number last night and I gave him a call… I haven’t had this much fun in a long time… he had retired a while back, he had plenty of money and was successful in his life and didn’t need to do any more work… so I was excited to hear about someone that hadn’t been bankrupted in the aid of other people the way gov’t harassment and etc have hurt so many wonderful people that help people in this industry… this was refreshing… … so, I wanted to pick his brain… since my colleague had been talking to him earlier in that day and had relayed some things about what he’s been doing lately I just had to know more… and I had looked for him for sooooo long… he’s too famous from back in the day… couldn’t wait to hear more but what I heard next was unexpected to say the least… He had some old centi-millionaire friends in Utah that had heard he was back in the states and asked him to come down and check out a new bizarre discovery….

They had made a nutrition product out of it, but he had seen everything and heard everything, he was like if it’s just something simple, I don’t want to deal with it, but he went since they assured him it would peak his interest… Again, he said I’m retired and not going back into business but they assured him that’s fine, just come down and see it go to work…

So Paul takes me to this website: … He goes to Utah to see this new nutrition drink, and I can only wonder what he was thinking hehe… but they said they found a way to stabilize super chemicals in Salt, using something called Redox Signaling, so it’s salt derived chlorine dioxide….However it has 16 other items in it too thru that redox signaling, it’s not just simple chlorine dioxide like MMS from Jim Humble…

Now if any of you know anything about this chlorine dioxide, you know this stuff will destroy malaria parasites so fast it will make your head spin (over 1,000,000 reversals of malaria in 24 hours off of one hit of it! Malaria gone for good instantaneously!)… it’s quite the wild powerhouse against fungus, mold, mildew, germs, viruses, bacteria and it literally melts heavy metals but has no toxic reaction against any human cell… unlike it’s brother Chlorine (ie Chlorox, the bleach you use in laundry or throw in your pool) which is poisonous, forces huge quantities of plaque to form in the arteries and elsewhere and will degrade any cell it touches, will keep two identical twins boys from growing the same height (one on tap water for his life and one on pure water for his entire life, care to guess which is one foot taller at 17 years old and 6 inches wider both with no fat on their bodies???) Not enough yet??

What happens when you put one drop of Clorox on your skin 1x/day vs. on the other hand you do the same with chlorine dioxide as Jim Humble makes… care to guess as many days as possible b4 scared to death, before you’ll stop before the 30 days are up for fear that your hand is about to become a cancerous monster, and do the same on the right hand for 6 months or forever, and nothing but perfectly good looking hand!

Chlorine drinkers and bathers (vs. those who live on pristine well waters – rare enough to find anyway) will age soo radically differently it’s beyond belief… you’ll wonder if they are even related since one looks like superman naturally and the other looks like – not so much!!! Anyway, no one notices these types of things b/c we all grow up in the city and all look alike drinking all of tap water, scary, hehe, and can’t find people who look differently from us anyway… but wow… I’ve seen photos… ) That’s the difference…the good brother vs. the evil brother, Chlorine Dioxide vs. Chlorine.

Anyone taking Chlorine Dioxide usually goes thru huge side effects if eaten plenty of junk in their lifetime, … so I asked him about this, he said they found a way to derive it from salt instead… he said, it has no detox side effects, in fact the owner of ASEA company drinks 1 qt per day unlike the rest of us who only drink 1 oz morning and night or for severe problems 2oz morning and night (uh, math wise that’s 32 oz bottle, so 1 oz morning and night means 32 oz in 16 days, and double that is 32 oz bottle gone in 8 days)… I asked again, nooo way they have no detox side effects… he assured me it was the easy life….

I told him of the horrible detoxing that takes place doing too much too soon of chlorine dioxide made the Jim Humble way and the way to remove those detox side effects was with apples and super healthy salt intake and it washes the side effects out really fast, so that people taking chlorine dioxide don’t have to build themselves up over 1 years period of time to take the maximum amount, but instead using my protocols for detox side effect removal, they could take maximum amount SOMETIMES right off the bat after starting off slow for like 3 days to test themselves… !!! LOL How on earth does this stuff have no detox side effects!

I theorized it must be directly BECAUSE of the salt derivative version that – that is the reason it has NO side effects maybe…. After all everyone and their grandmother has been trying to find a way to stabilize chlorine dioxide!!! The stuff is made and evaporates in about 1-3 hours at most – if anyone could find a way to stabilize something like this, they would be Hailed!!!! LOL And he said, yes, that’s it, that’s exactly what they’ve done… I laughed, since knowing about chlorine dioxide forever I always prayed and wondered if it could be found a way to stabilize it, but to stabilize it AND not end up with it having any detox side effects (herxheimer reactions) without the extra work of salt washes and apples thru the body?? Whoa!!! That was way beyond my hopes and prayers!!

I was starting to realize that after years of searching for this guy, why it was, in my trying to pick his brain, all he wanted to talk about was this product!

LOL As he’s talking about all this I just had to laugh! …this is too cool… he said listen to this, on Parkinson’s disease, there was a woman he saw coming out of the hotel, she was shaking so bad she couldn’t even sign a check if she tried… he greeted her with a bottle of ASEA and she looked at him funny, crossed her hands and took a step back, he laughed, and said, no, no, my wife and I are in town at the same hotel… I saw you shaking like a leaf and wanted you to try this tonight, 1 oz (2 TBL) at night tonight and 1 oz in the morning and if it does nothing then I’ll be by tomorrow morning to pick up the bottle and my wife and I will finish it off for ourselves, since we’re leaving tomorrow… and if it’s worth it to you then you can just pay me for it then,… she loved this idea… I mean what could possibly happen?? He greeted her the next morning at which she opened the door and paid him $32 and wasn’t shaking at all!!! It may not be a cure for Parkinson’s but since Parkinson’s is an amazing glutathione deficiency disease (among other things) I told understood why this worked… you’ll get it in a second when I explain later…

As he’s talking I’m thinking to myself, wait a second!!! If this is good with neurologicals and etc… then must be better at MS, ALS, dementia… etc.. 5 mins later what are the next words ouf his mouth???? It works best with MS, ALS, Autism (oh right, wondered about that one too), and dementia (can’t wait to see what happens with Alzheimer’s!) – hehe – I asked saying I know about the wonders of chlorine dioxide but his is above the affects of even that just alone… I asked why? He said remember that Parkinson’s lady? Massive glutathione deficiency??? Of course… well in ONE SINGLE RECOMMENDED AMT OF THIS ASEA – GLUTATHIONE ANDDDD SOD (SUPER OXIDE DISMUTASE) INCREASE BY 500% ….

I said, wait, no way, what is in this stuff!!! He just said to See The Studies LOL I laughed, do you know what can be accomplished when you find a way to get REAL glutathione manufactured by the body in abundance!!! Do you know what happens to a person on chemo and radiation when they have tons of glutathione in them???? NOOOOOO hair loss, no toxic side effects felt, no energy loss, no feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck after a dose of chemo!!! That’s glutathione!! Only two other products on earth that I know can make the body produce glutathione and this was easier than them both, uh, and cheaper too! LOL

I wonder if this is enough glutathione like the other products to undo all toxic side effects of chemo and radiation… (oh glutathione makes you radiation proof too, not kidding, the real, human, the normal cells, are NOT touched with radiation damage if large glutathione in the blood, you knew all that right??? Of course you did, is it not common knowledge that in the middle of nuclear power plants where all the guys dressed in lead to go in temporarily to fix something – that there is a type of bacteria that grows there IN the middle of the nuclear reactor area???? Everyone knows that right??? It grows without fear b/c it is unharmed by radiation completely, as it grows it’s OWN glutathione within itself! Thus making it impervious to radiation… isn’t that special????  hehe )

[EMF sensitivities are similar to radiation poisoning in that glutathione present in the body makes these sensitive probs non-existent… but it shows something else I’ve learned and that is that the person has NOO foundation of veggies in their bodies and that’s the problem they are having! I love this ASEA now b/c it gives a foundation without the massive eating of veggies, though I still have people doing that too, just not as much is needed anymore!]

Moving along… sooo, did you know that if you could ever find an M.D. that was afraid of losing his license and would give a stage 4 cancer patient an injection of SOD that within about 8 days or less that cancer goes from stage 4 to stage 3 often???? ASEA does something for the body that makes it increase SOD by 500% – are you seeing a picture here?? Lol… I am… woohoo

This blows me away…. It doesn’t increase catalase/catalyse as much nor nitrous oxide as much (but it does increase it enough that libido comes back sometimes as opposed to Viagra which is a fake version of increasing nitrous oxide for libido…. )

It gets better – it works well with everything from drugs to nutrition protocols that you have anyone on!! So if on a favorite nutrition protocol, you can add this too it and it will only help it, not hinder it nor have to do it separately nor stop whatever nutrition protocol you are on!! And if on High Blood Pressure meds or etc it doesn’t destroy their affects only helps them work better!!! Is that not the coolest thing! Lol Won’t destroy chemo’s effectiveness – just enhance it… although that alone will tick some people off… lol

When the Owners decided to go to the FDA to have this tested they said bring us a dead dog that takes your product until it dies – and we’ll tell you after an autopsy – well they reduced blood volume to 25 % and with ASEA the dog was alive and wagging it’s tail, (owners refused to kill the dog anyway but were under the mistaken impression that this would be wayyy more than enough to please them/FDA, since no product in the history of mankind has ever kept a being alive with 25% of blood volume!!!! Dang!!) The FDA said to tell us when he’s dead. No way the owners would do that…

He said to me, I want you to hear something… years ago when still in practice, I would have quite a few cancer patients and would use Microhydrin PLUS and spirulina and nutrition protocols and in 9 months they’re body terrain had increase to such a level they would go to “off the worry” list from almost being dead… he said, in 2 to 3 weeks of using this ASEA they had the same results without the endless other items to include…

He gave me an example… one gentlemen was solo freakishly in pain from nasty arthritis he could hardly move a single finger without wailing in pain…Now ASEA is famous at pain alleviation, but that’s in a few days to 2 weeks, he needed help RIGHT NOW (they had to put him on the Microhydrin Plus 4 caps 3x/day just to keep him under control pain wise, he did not have long to live) – this stuff, ASEA, helps the body to remove pain and reasonably fast and the body alleviates a lot of pain if not all of it in about 2 weeks, so this was a good stop gap measure… then they started him out with large amount of ASEA of 2oz morning and night (4 bottles per month) and in 2 weeks he was at the point that the others were at in 9 months of super nutrition protocols and super supplements….

This he said is what convinced him to come out of retirement!!! He’s given this now to 1000s of his patients with amazing results and testimonials left and right….The gentleman with the arthritis, also had such a massively swollen prostate and cancer that in 3 months of use of the product he was out of Stage 4 cancer (detectable) and into Stage 3 cancer (undetectable)…and no more swollen prostate.. is that ok?

Only time he has not seen ASEA work and work fast is when they had a nasty stopped up liver with stones in it or the gallbladder or just wayyy tooo overpolluted… that is, if they had liver cancer and Hep C issues, this was not a problem, it would be helpful to the body to help in it’s dealing with these issues, but if just sooo stopped up with stones (and I’m just guessing probably tons of cysts in their liver) then they had to deal with this too to make ASEA work… but otherwise those with severely messed up liver had greater and greater good liver readings in little time…

Kidney failure was his next example…. With a gentlemen who’s on a dialysis machine and kidneys were at 15% in one and 22% in the other and was on kidney transplant list… he was at 47% on both kidneys functioning in 4 weeks of taking ASEA and not much dialysis at 2oz morn and night. I said… you realize which of my colleagues and friends found you right???? It was the one who’s wife is having dialysis every day now… she urinates pure clear 2x/day if lucky… it’s been 5 days on your product and she’s urinating with color now and going 5 x/day or 6x/day every day so far and sometimes waking in middle of night to go too!!! So I already knew what it did for kidneys but hehe, too cool…

The funnest example besides the Parkinson’s was this one: at an ASEA party one of the members little girls was sick with Pink Eye, you know what an annoying infection and long lasting annoyance that is right?? Well, they poured out some of the ASEA into a sprayer bottle and sprayed it right into the eye and while everyone watched in amazement as the inflamed Pink in the eye just disappeared right before anyone, is that ok for infection removal speed of recovery???? That’s anti-infective wow!

Is it wrong that this example is my favorite: Alopecia, thinning hair in women (not to mention men) – started thickening it up so fast they almost didn’t get a camera shot on it in enough time to see the before and after pics hehe… if only it could bring back hairline, sigh… but I work with that one myself using beets… something for another time…

He told me that he uses Bright Field version of the Dark Field Microscope to test out everything in the body and power of the cells and internal organs and within 1 to 2 weeks on this ASEA he’s never seen lymphatic sewage clean up this quickly!!!! It’s unbelievable!!!

Its ability to remove pain is amazing, so keep that in mind when dealing with anyone in pain from severe arthritis to cancer ok??? Just sooo much more powerful with Microhydrin + ( )

Remember the NOOOO detox side effects of this ASEA??? Is it b/c of the massive glutathione increase and the fact that it’s from salt as well as a fast and clean moving lymphatic system and increase in strength of kidneys and liver = that this all works with no detox side effects by keeping the pathways of elimination open ?? right? Maybe??? Hmmmm

Chlorine Dioxide has been used to reverse 100% of parasites from malaria in 24 hours on over 1,000,000 cases in Africa… is the complete enemy of HIV and is a heavy metal dissolver!!! AIDS enemy as well… I’ve seen blood readings on tons of heavy metals disappear by 50% in 2 months use of Jim Humble’s version of Chlorine Dioxide, you want to guess how much arterial plaque is left in the arteries once this stuff hits it for a few months??? (4 to 6 months) Nothing is left of plaque!

It is a germ killer and virus killer and fungal killer that removes mold, mildew, fungus, and yeast very quickly. It dissolves once it hits the blood in about 3 to 4 hours, with no trace of it left over, and it dissolves chemically back into 2 things: Salt and Water… lol, humorous that they made this using Salt initially! Hehe… anywhoo… It cleans blood up very quickly b/c of its killing capacity against all enemies of the human cells…

Chlorine Dioxide is used by every CITY water purification company in every city of the United States as a Just In Case scenario when chlorine doesn’t do it – in case things become sooo toxic that even the abomination Chlorine can’t kill enough of the germs or do it fast enough… Chlorine Dioxide requires little time and little amount to get the job done, — and kills quickly, instantly in fact, in a matter of mins or seconds to destroy such annoyances where Chlorine cannot!

Keep in mind both ASEA and Jim Humble’s use of chlorine dioxide are made from MINERALS!!! NOT CHEMICALS… Chlorine Dioxide smells like regular chlorine but it’s the 100% friend of every human cell in the body, where as Chlorine is pure poison, a blocker, to an extent, of the thyroid as well as a blocker of iodine, calcium and all other mineral and trace elements, increaser/builder of plaque in the arteries – however as poisonous as chlorine is – it is only the baby in terms of comparison to the evil fluoride… which blocks much more iodine and etc from the body… Chlorine, on the other hand, if given in overdoses, too much Chlorine in the water basically means you will have arterial plaque soo bad that in one single month you will die of a heart attack from arterial blockage!

How so…? During WWII, when we were taking over the Pacific Islands one by one, the USA landed at Iwo Jima Island and finally we prevailed, however the water was so polluted there, they had to use chlorine to detox it – they used too much, in the space of one month most of the soldiers that died at Iwo Jima were more than the soldiers that died in the battle to win Iwo Jima….all b/c of the chlorine in the water, and upon doing the autopsies… they found 100% had no arteries leading to the heart b/c they had been converted into pure concrete leading to the heart instead! Chlorine is the enemy vs. Chlorine Dioxide your friend…

So we have a potent friend available in Chlorine Dioxide…

Chlorine Dioxide is rendered completely non-existent in the body by taking of synthetic Vitamin C or taking a drink like grape juice that has synthetic Vit C added or by eating an orange!! Keep that in mind please!!! You will remove all its beneficial affects upon taking an orange ifffffff taken right after ingesting the chlorine dioxide…

Thought you’d like all this info!!

Oh that company did a mini-write up on Dr. Paul Klebs – here it is…

Total belief

For Dr. Paul Klebs, his ASEA business is all about the product. A third-generation herbalist, Dr. Klebs has committed his life to looking for ways to help people get their health back. He has a degree in naturopathic medicine, although he admits that sometimes he wishes he would have remained a “commoner,” because, as he puts it, “You don’t have to have a degree to get good results.”

People from all over the world come to Dr. Klebs’ clinic, so he was already successfully helping people live healthy lives when he was introduced to ASEA. “I didn’t need more money,” he explains. “I didn’t need a network marketing opportunity—and I certainly wasn’t going to promote a product that I only half-believed in.”

Still, he didn’t decline the invitation to come to Salt Lake City and meet with Verdis and James and hear what they had to tell him about ASEA. That was all it took. Dr. Klebs is amazed at what ASEA can do for his patients, and he’s happier with his own health now than he was before. “We get pretty panicky if it looks like we’re going to run out before our Autoship comes,” he grins.

He’s just as enthusiastic on behalf of others. “It’s such a good product that you almost feel like you’re denying a friend—or even a stranger—a chance at having their life back,” he asserts. “The fact that I get paid for doing something this easy, well, that’s a bonus.”

Dr. Klebs’ passion for helping people be healthy has brought him far, fast. At the time of this interview, he was just stepping off of a cruise ship after a week in the Caribbean…all paid for by ASEA. That’s right. We’re talking about a guy who started his ASEA business just before Thanksgiving.
“It’s easy to be committed to ASEA,” Dr. Klebs concludes, “because of those phone calls from someone who’s so excited because they’ve overcome something they thought they were going to have to live with the rest of their life.”

Dr. Paul Klebs is a Director 700 from Long Lake, South Dakota. He was ASEA’s top recruiter in November & December 2009


Notes: from Dr. Paul Klebs regarding few detoxing side effects when starting out or for those with major or minor cancers or diabetes or asthma and could go on… the worse the disease the more filth you have to get out of you, especialllllly for those that have been breathing in second hand smoke all of their lives via growing up with smoking parents… or uh, you just smoke cigs yourself?????


Nothing even remotely as horrifying as what can happen if taking Jim Humble’s version of MMS chlorine dioxide if taken too much.. so nothing like that at all.. just minor version of it is all.. but Jim Humble’s version is quite amazing however! And wonderful! Just take it correctly or call me Robert von if need to undo or overcome any possible side effects before they happen if ever take his products….

Ok, let’s begin… guy with cancer so severe, given 3 weeks left to live… on day 5 he’s coughing up stuff – so much crud…thinking it’s ASEA and told it’s his body getting rid of garbage and so he increased his ASEA intake to 12 oz (lol, that’s a lotttttt, but right amount with ASEA and bad cancer..iffff you work up to it … but I would’ve never allowed him to do that personally had I known (prolly same for Paul) b/c of the side effects of jumping to that much that fast… it’s too many side effects too much filth coming out at once.. poor guy… and that was on day 5!!!

Anyway, 2 weeks total into ASEA now… and hes’ vomiting and diarrhea and stops taking ASEA, gives it up.. so that, 2 days later felt better than ever… well, all he told Paul was that he’d given up on it… and wasn’t going to take any more… but 2 days later he’s back on it, only now, he feels better than ever! So far this man is doing well…. If want an update on him, ask and mention this and I’ll ask Paul…

Other side effects… in 1 week…. Angry that still had pain and yet forgot to mention he was on 7 meds !!!! dang! Making it impossible to not be in pain esp statins… they are blocking the ASEA’s ability to help the body reverse the pain… but ASEA will still help increase effectiveness of internal organs regardless…. These are obvious things people don’t think about when doing ASEA… just asking “where’s the pain relief” but how could there be with such huge amount of drugs taken (I know one guy taking 27 pills per day!) Sigh…

Others have headaches or are verrry verrrry tired by day 3 or 4… (took too much starting right out or worse, they took it without also taking the Microhydrin + as I hoped you would take it with that, it removes quite a few detoxing side effects… woo hoo!! 2 to 3 caps 3x/day OR more if in hairy situation! Such as amazing pain!!! ) …

Side Effects

COMMMMON side effect is increased pain for a few days in OLD areas of injury and healings in old places that had injuries from long ago or soon ago…and it goes in body and knows where those old injuries are and helps body to heal them!

Soo, for those starting out on ASEA it’s the same… if do too much too soon… detoxing side effects, not too bad though… headaches, really tired, extreme tiredness, and if do crazy amounts too fast, vomiting and diarrhea..


Take one oz at night for 2 to 5 days before increasing to 1 oz morning and night for 2 to 5 days, before increasing to 1 oz 3x/day, before increasing to even more like 2 oz, 2x/day and 1 oz in middle of night to help you go back to sleep if wake up late at night… keep that in mind when you start to use this… take your sweet time to build up so not an issue when get to larger amounts… take it with 2 Microhydrin 2-3x/day to make it reallllly easy to do this….

Again what that means is that : Average dose is 2 oz, 2x/day with 1 oz in middle of night only if wake up at that time… just take your time to get to that level.. and if worse condition then increase it more slowly.

Example of Kidney dialysis woman: originally going to bathroom 2x/day and it was pure clear every time… then started at 1 oz every night with 2 caps Microhydrin 2x/day, and in 5 days was by then going to bathroom, #1 of course, 5x to 6 x/day and sometimes even waking in middle of night to go to bathroom… (note so you have some perspective, some dialysis patients out there haven’t gone to bathroom in 7 years even once!!!) and her color was yellow… huge change… her life force is starting to come back as well!!!

So that’s what happened… anyway, on day 6 she increased to 1 oz morning and night for 2 days, then on day 8 she increased to 1 oz 3x/day for 2 days, then with no change in how she was feeling, ie, no detoxing side effects to worry about, and with the taking of Microhydrin Plus she was feeling still ok, with no problems she increased to 2 oz 3x/day just doubling it all! Her husband told me this and said so far, 2 days into it, NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM with side effects… I hope those without Microhydrin + would’ve had as good of results of having no detoxing side effects, but I’m not holding my breath.


Geez this file is going to become huge… take a look at the testimonials I received from Paul about 1 week after writing everything above this point!!!

[first I’d like to point out the bizarre anti-wrinkle affect this stuff has all over the body… just spray it on, spray it on eyes and face and do it few times a day and watch what you look like in uh, about 4 or 5 days, or just 2 days with some… others have wrinkles in unusual places like chest and neck and arms and these sometimes disappear in about a few hours!!! As do wrinkles on the face to an extent in a few hours but much more so within couple days! I love this stuff!!! So does the body! Lol..]

Terry C. – “I own and manage an altitude training and retreat center in Estes Park, Colorado. I have worked with athletes of all abilities, from Olympic and World Champion level to recreational. My passion is to help athletes of all abilities to explore their performance and endurance limits. I have spent many years learning and understanding how my own body works, and can now pick up very quickly whether a new product or training discipline I introduce works. I started using ASEA 3 weeks ago – the effect has been outstanding. Within a week I noticed that my breathing was deeper and also slower for a given running intensity – heart rate was also slower.

By the time 2 weeks using ASEA came around, I was flying! Mountain runs that are usually challenging became easier – other runners that I had been struggling to keep up with suddenly came into my reach. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to try ASEA (thank you Alan!) and am excited for what continued use will do for my training and health. ASEA is the best supplement I have ever tried, and I have tried many in my profession. From my own experience, ASEA is a must have for every endurance athlete.”

Tanya N. – “After giving birth to my daughter I was left with severe discomfort in my hip, through my buttocks and down my leg. Sometimes it was so bad I could hardly go for a walk or lift my baby out of the bath. I tried various nutritional supplements, anti-arthritic lotions and even bought a new bed hoping that would help with the problem. None of these things worked. Then my husband brought home a case of ASEA. I started taking 4 oz of ASEA and the next day literally woke up with no signs of discomfort.

I couldn’t believe it. I continued to take 2-4oz of ASEA everyday and have now felt great for over 3 months. I am back going on 3 mile walks and even manage to hit the gym and yoga class. I have also noticed that ASEA works great on mosquito bites and nettle stings taking the pain, itching and swelling away in minutes. It is quite amazing!”

Mike L. – “I have a skin condition that I was diagnosed with 10 years ago. For the last 6 years I have been on daily antibiotics and monthly injections. When I started taking ASEA, I had three infections. I decided to stop the medications while trying ASEA. After six days on this product, the three infections I had were gone! I have been on ASEA now for 3 months, and I have had no new infections, and I am actually seeing healing taking place. This product is incredible, and truly life changing for me.”

Pat G. – “I had chronic pain in my lower back plus sciatica. The pain would run down my left leg front of shin and to the top of my foot. In 3 minutes time the leg would go numb. It was like walking on rubber leg! I would take 2 Aleve in the morning with a 100 mg Darvoset, and at night I would take 1 more Aleve with two 100 mg Darvoset. This only made the pain tolerable but did not get rid of it. I was told by my doctor that I would need to switch to Pergoset; and I did not want to go down that route!

I actually prayed and asked Jesus to please help me find something. 3 Days after my prayer I was introduced to ASEA, which I took, and within one week was no longer suffering from any discomfort – and I now have energy to burn.Even more recently I noticed a strange small growth on my back. After examination my doctor told me that he was concerned and I should have it removed. I started spraying it directly with ASEA and within 8 days it literally fell off! My own great results have encouraged me to share ASEA with others, and I am now seeing wonderful things happen in the lives of the people I love and care about.”

Frank C. – “I have been taking ASEA consistently for nearly 2 months now. I am 50 years old and recently diagnosed with elevated blood pressure. I asked my physician to allow me to drink ASEA before putting me on any medication. He agreed and so I have been taking between 6 and 8 ounces daily. It seems my blood pressure has stabilized and now I take 4 ounces per day. In addition, I had a paper cut on my finger the other day. I put a couple of drops of ASEA on it and in seconds, the pain disappeared and swelling went down…right before my eyes! I also spray some on my face in the morning and at night as a moisturizer and I swear that my wrinkles are diminishing!”

Angelo M. – “When I heard about the results ASEA was getting with customers I just had to try it. I’m a Special Forces Veteran who maintains a fit life style. At 48 things aren’t as easy as they were at 28, but for the most part my looks and physical well being exceed those of my classmates and those my age. I travel west coast to east coast Monday through Friday in a very stressful business. After retiring from active duty I developed serious allergies to grass, ragweed and pollen to the point where I would literally scratch the back side of my eyelids—I had to take Benadryl and that would just wipe me out for 4 hours at a time.

In addition to this, I have always been a mouth breather from childhood and loud snorer for the better part of the last 8 years. I ordered 6 cases of ASEA for my whole family to try with a 4oz/day load dose in the first month. Within 3 days of taking the product I had to prepare my back yard for summer BBQs. Much to my surprise, I cut grass, dealt with residual pollen coating the lawn equipment and the whole time there was no effect to my physical being–No eye issues, nose issues or the feeling of having to scratch the backs of my eye lids….as a matter of fact…I didn’t even realize this until my wife asked me if I had taken a Benadryl.

Just three days and no more allergies. Then within the next 2 weeks my wife said she could sleep through the night because I stopped snoring and that I was breathing quietly through both nostrils. The breathing through the nostrils was a first since I was 14. The snoring a first in 8 years!”

I have had an issue with my stomach for years causing me quite a bit of discomfort. After taking ASEA for a couple of weeks I was so astounded and excited that the discomfort I have had for the longest time was gone. Thank you ASEA!” ~ Janet, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I have been using ASEA around 2 months now. In those 2 months my energy level has literally jumped to where I never thought it would be again. I have been going through medical treatments that lower my energy and attack my immune system, but since drinking ASEA I have been healthier and my drive and get up and go are at a 10. Your never realize you were at a 5 until you get back to 10, ASEA has changed my life.” ~ Cindy, Camas, Washington

“Every year I have caught a virus or cold that would hit me so hard and put me in bed for days on end. After thinking about this I realized that since taking ASEA I have not had any problems during the cold and flu season. I now have vacation days that I can finally use for a vacation with my family, what I should have been doing for a long time. How awesome is that.” ~ Steve, Mission Viejo, California

“I just started weight lifting again after five years, I drank the ASEA before, during and after my first workout and I have to say I was amazed that I recovered so fast. I still got sore but it was gone in a few days, normally after that much time off I should have been sore for a week.” ~ Gustavo, Miami, FL

“My friend introduced me to ASEA and I decided to put it to the test on a weekend triathlon. I have always been in top form, but that race day my body did things that it had never done before and I ended up having my best finish ever. The only thing I did different was take ASEA.” ~ Jeffery, Seattle, WA

“I train high endurance athletes. One day one of my athletes brought in ASEA with its endurance study and truthfully I told him the results were too good to be true. I noticed he was performing a lot better so I decided to put a few other athletes on ASEA and run some tests to convince him that is wasn’t ASEA. I have to say that I was a skeptic because it is impossible to achieve that kind of increase in endurance, but somehow what was impossible is actually happening and now I am a believer. I don’t know how ASEA does it, but now all of my athletes are taking the product and every one of them is quickly increasing their endurance and performance levels.” ~ Stephen, Dallas, TX

“I’ve dealt with painful, ugly cold sores on my lips for years. I’ve tried creams, pills, salves, and anything else I could find to keep them from appearing. Someone told me to try putting ASEA on my lip whenever I felt one coming on. I figured, why not, nothing else had worked. To my surprise the cold sore never developed after putting ASEA on my lips. Unbelievable! I can’t wait to tell family members who experience the same problem!” ~ Doug, Provo, UT

I am grateful for ASEA as it allows me to spend more time on the sea, which is my passion, and less time on land recovering from this strenuous activity! ~ Carlos – 53 year-old Wind Surfer, CA

I am a competitive cyclist and often ride 50+ miles a day. On a familiar ride up Emigration Canyon my heart rate ranges between high 150 to 170. When taking 4 oz of ASEA and on that same ride, my heart rate ranges between 140’s to 160’s. My recovery is shorter and my leg muscles never feel extreme fatigue. ~ Mark, Salt Lake City, UT

I love the benefits of ASEA, since taking ASEA, I have noticed a difference in my overall health and I know my immune system has been strengthened especially during allergy season. I have a lot more energy and I have more endurance when I exercise. ~ Amy, Salt Lake City, UT

About 18 months ago I was doing some construction work and really messed up my lower back. I started using ASEA and in a just a few days the discomfort I have had for over a year and a half was gone. I had fellow workers taking notice of the way I was walking. They all want to know what has happened to me! ~ Larry, Salt Lake City, UT.

I will try to give you a good picture of what this revolutionary amazing product is.

ASEA is liquid software for the cells. It is redox signaling molecules, molecules we make in the mitochondria. Their job is to effect communication between cells, and they are crucial to maintaining peak efficiency of the cells. They help us regenerate tissue, maintain healthy tissue, and tell the cells to repair, replace, protect and kill. So they restore the effectiveness of our bodies’ systems by restoring, replenishing and bringing balance, so we can have cellular health and healing.

There are two sets of these molecules: anti oxidant activators and immune system communicators. If you think of your cells as light bulbs, these molecules are the power supply that lights up the cells.

ASEA activates and increases the efficiency of glutathione, SOD, and catalase by 500-800% in the body. If one doesn’t have enough signaling molecules, one’s body can’t do much with exogenous anti oxidants . So not only does it increase one’s own production of anti oxidants, it increases the effectiveness of the ones that are ingested, since they need signaling molecules to be used.

ASEA is native to the body. The molecules in ASEA are identical to the ones we make. They are instantly absorbed because they are so tiny- 4 atoms. It also crosses the blood brain barrier. Brain scans were done on athletes before and after taking it, and the changes were significant. So ASEA isn’t really doing anything except providing molecules. The body is using them to do all the necessary jobs.

As all health problems are linked to damaged cells, one can see what this product can do for health. I’ve heard so many people now who have had improvement in so many areas of disease. By the time we are 40, we are making 50% fewer redox signaling molecules. That’s why children heal so fast when they hurt themselves and have boundless energy. They haven’t lost any yet.

It has been tested on athletes quite a bit. For instance, a VO2 max test was done 2 weeks after being on ASEA. The heart rates were lower and there was less soreness and better recovery. There was a 12% increase in the time it took to reach ventilatory threshold…..that’s amazing. Athletes hope for 3%.

As all health problems are linked to damaged cells, one can see what this product can do for health. It is truly amazing. I’ve heard so many people now who have had improvement in so many different areas .

For me, I’ve been on sleeping meds for 11 years and have never been able to get off them. I have succeeded, since taking ASEA. As you know, my liver has been pretty compromised, and my partner was pumping it every other day. Since being on this product, about 2 1/2 months now, he has pumped it 3 times!! I have more energy than I’ve had in years, and it is a grounded flow, sustained throughout the day. I used to take baths mostly for the aching in my body. Well, that’s what got me in the tub, although I love the therapeutic effects of all our salts, mg. and clay, of course. I realized recently that I haven’t thought of a bath in quite awhile because I don’t ache = lowered inflammation. (just ordered 40 lbs. from your site about an hour ago…gotta get back into baths) I also have a wonderful sense of being which is very consistent now, as well as increased mental clarity.

A few other things I have heard from people I’ve met:

high blood pressure normalized high blood sugar normalized 11 years of psoriasis with no relief, gone Parkinson’s ­ walking well again sleep much deeper viral encephalitis gone Cancer resolving symptoms of Lyme gone cholesterol levels down 2 autistic children who weren’t speaking now speak (increased glutathione most likely, as they are low in it) hair color coming back….saw the woman to whom this has happened.

The way ASEA is made is this: a medical atomic physicist, Dr. Gary Samuelson –, was able to restructure and stabilize the molecules outside the body. It is made from salt water, which is what is inside our cells. The molecular bonds are broken and then restructured in the form of these molecules. (sounds elementary because I don’t really know how to talk about it much more than that.)

ASEA is a medical breakthrough in the science of healing. It is also a very hot topic and fast growing area in medical research now. For the first time ever, these molecules have been created and stabilized outside the body. A biotech co. spent 16 years and 50 million dollars researching and studying this science. They didn’t succeed in stabilizing the molecules outside the body, and that’s when the founders of ASEA bought the product and brought Dr. Samuelson on board. It took him a year to do this.

It went through stage 1 and 2 FDA approval and the LD50 killpoint test. It didn’t kill the animals, of course, and thus couldn’t be approved as a drug.

The founders were approached by a pharmaceutical co. who offered them ­ hold on- $300 million for the product. The founders, at that point, had already given it to 40 people as a focus group to get reactions. 7 of them had terminal cancer and were much improved from taking it. The pharma co. said if they bought it, these people would have to stop taking it. Jim and Verdis decided not to sell it because they were not willing to do that to these people. BTW, 6 of the 7 with terminal cancer are still alive today, 2 years later. Of course, the pharma co. was going to shelve it……it was too much of a cure for too many things.

Here’s a website where 2 doctors and 2 chiropractors talk about it. Dr. Rob Ward is the best, IMO. Alan Noble goes more into the business aspect of it, although the first part of his talk is informative. on the right is “blog Archive” where you can listen to a year’s worth of previous calls.

More science: Look under’ asea science’. The white papers are there as well as some other things. explains redox science well.

White Papers:

If you want to buy ASEA, you can either join or become a preferred customer.

Joining has a one time fee of $40. Each bottle costs $30. and comes in a case of 4. Recommended dose is 2 oz. twice a day. So a case lasts a month. Joining has the advantage of being able to get it for other people if they want it and you have your own website where you can send people. It has a lot of articles etc. on it.

Becoming a preferred customer, you pay the same per bottle and you go on autoship, receiving a case a month. You can’t enroll people this way, but if you just want the product, you can choose this method.

Robert von Sarbacher, has been a relentless health researcher from the time he was a child. He’s based out of Texas and consults with people all over the world.

He developed the Mini Beet Protocol and the Super Hydration Drink which are designed for massive detoxification as well as building the body in specific unique ways. Listen to our latest interview with him!

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