Why Are You Living Somebody else's Dream For Your Life?


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Why Are You Living Somebody else’s Dream For Your Life?



In this culture it seems like we’re always living somebody else’s dream doesn’t it? Perhaps you feel this way. I know I did.

Expectations are set for us (or we let others put them on us) at a very early age. Oftentimes our own dreams or passions in life are pushed to the side to make room for cultural expectations or obligations of what society wants us to do.

A child’s creativity and passions are not only not reinforced but often put aside so that the child is forced to do what the parents want them to do. We’re taught to get good grades, so you can get into a good college (and get into massive debt at the same time) so you can get a well paying job (that you hate).

If you never do anything about this, it just happens to every kid as sort of a default setting.

This is how life is in the Western world. It’s how it goes.

What I’m talking about here is more about expectations that are placed on us as we move throughout life. People think we are a certain way and as a result expect us to act in a way that will ultimately make them feel more comfortable with how they feel about us.

Isn’t that wild? We think we have to live up to some expectation that somebody created about us in their own head.

Talk about dysfunctional.

Perhaps you were raised in a very strict home and weren’t allowed to explore areas of life that you were interested in, and as a result you’re much older trying to figure out what you really think about these things.

Most of us are living lives other people want us to live. We work jobs out of obligation to debt or prior commitments and not because they fuel our passions. We act in certain ways around certain people in order to avoid upsetting the apple cart.

We only reveal who we really are to a certain few friends who listen to us in a non judgmental way. Everybody else gets the version of us that makes them feel nice, safe and comfortable with who they think we are.

Sad isn’t it?

So what can we do about it?

Well I’m right there with you. The reason why I’m writing this is because this is me. And I’m sure you can relate. Perhaps you don’t want to share with your parents the fact that you have differing political or religious views as they do. Perhaps you don’t share with certain people your views on a wide variety of topics.

For me it has to do with religion and spirituality. All through high school I was introduced to God through traditional Christianity via Calvary Chapel. As I graduated from high school I began reading books about quantum mechanics and the sub atomic world of nano particles. I also read books on super string theory, and that fascinated me.

I was blown away by the particle vs wave phenomena in physics. I was intrigued that particles acted differently based on whether or not there was an observer watching the expirement. They behaved as if they knew they were being watched. This was measurable and knowable during these experiments.

Does this mean we can create our own reality?

Where was God in all of this? Why didn’t God tell us about all this?

Perhaps God is bigger than I ever imagined…

Later I started reading books about how the ancient civilizations built the pyramids and they lifted thousand pound stones like balloons. What was going on? Were they harnessing some other worldly power? Were they focusing or vortexing the power from the pyramids?

As you can imagine I kept going down rabbit trails for the past 20 years with an insatiable appetite for learning and opening my mind.

What does this have to do with you? Well there are a lot of people in my life that probably don’t agree with any of what I’d say and perhaps label me in some way. Perhaps they’d say I’m not a Christian or I’m into dark demonic forces.


Part of this website Extreme Health Radio is a way for me to sort of “come out of the closet” with some of my beliefs and ideas that people in my life aren’t comfortable with.

Because in all reality their labels of you are based on fear. If you start acting in a way they’re not comfortable with, they get scared and feel threatened. They don’t want to face their fears of you not being who they think you are.

We’re not responsible for what other people think about us. If they want to harness all that negativity, fear and stress about us, let them. That’s on them.

For me it’s far out there subjects that excite me and make people uncomfortable. For you it could be something completely different.

But in any case…

I’m sure you can begin expressing yourself more and more to your loved ones around you in a way where people can get to know the real you. Obviously you don’t want to upset the apple cart for no reason and cause undue stress on others. But is the fact that nobody really knows the real you, hindering them from knowing all of the gifts and unique talents you have?

Are your talents and unique insights being withheld from them for fear of their reaction?

Their reactions will fade in time and when they know the real you, your life will be much more free and they’ll get to experience a much richer and deeper relationship with you.

So here’s the question…

How will you go about revealing who you really are and live the life YOU want to live, instead of the life others want you to live?


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