Do people tell you that you’re a great writer? Do you have lots of knowledge that you’d like to share with the world? Do you feel like you want to help people and gain more exposure for your work?

Well today is your day because the Team here at Extreme Health Radio is now accepting contributions from people just like you!

Okay here’s what you need to know…

Word count: We prefer a minimum of 300 words and no more than 800 words. Since you’re a great writer with unique things to share with the world this shouldn’t be a problem.

Tone: Positive and motivating. Please refrain from being overtly negative.

Original Content: The articles you submit must be 100% unique content written by you for the purpose of helping people in their lives. Then end result of that can help you build your exposure but that should not be the sole purpose of your submission. We will not accept articles that have been published elsewhere on the internet or that you plan to distribute online or even your own blog.

Having a background in SEO we have software tools that can help us determine if this is the case. If you write the articles for the sole purpose of linking specific words back to your website we will not accept them. The link in your bio must not link to a product or service that is not in line with our philosophy.

Acceptance: Because we don’t compensate you for your content we allow for a link to be placed in the bio to their website, blog, or any social media accounts you have. Please keep your bios short just a few sentences. Please also include a photo no larger than 150×150 pixels.

Extreme Health Radio has a great community and is a great place for you to gain exposure, share your work with the world and most importantly help to change the world.

Please know that you accept our terms and conditions when you submit content to us and that we can edit your article as needed to comply with our terms.

Health Claims: If you make a statement or mention a study that should be backed up with a source please include it in your email to us.

Posting frequency:Please only post one article at a time and wait 14 days to make sure your article is accepted.

What are we looking for?

We like useful titles like “10 steps to overcoming food addictions” or “Is Vitamin D really that good for you?”. We like for you to keep your articles inspirational and uplifting as well as entertaining, funny and thought provoking.

We also like to hear your own personal journey into health. How did you get started? How did you overcome obstacles in your life? Only you can offer your own unique take on something sprinkled with your personality.

We also love recipes and unique ways of preparing food. Please only submit recipes that include whole, fresh, organic, non GMO, raw (if you’re into raw food). If you submit recipes that contain chemicals, white flour and other such ingredients we reserve the right not to accept your submission.

This is Extreme Health Radio after all! The recipes must include things like prep time, why you like the recipe, full list of ingredients and photos.

We will not link to your blog in the body of the article (only in your bio) but if you include links within the article don’t hyper link them in the text you send. Include the full URL in the body of the article.

Want to get started?

Please send an email to justin at extremehealthradio dot com and I will thoroughly look over your article. If it is accepted we will consider promoting it on our blog, our newsletter, our Facebook account and Twitter account.

We cannot guarantee your article will be accepted but we are now building a community of writers to help spread the message of hope, healing and health in the world today.

Are you ready to join us in helping humanity and gaining more exposure to your work?

Step #1:

In order to get started simply email us at justin at extremehealthradio dot com.

Here’s what what we need from you:

  • Your article with the title in the body of the email.
  • A bio picture of yourself no larger than 150 x 150 pixels
  • A brief 2-3 sentence bio along with links to your website and social media accounts.
  • Relevant images pertaining to the article itself. We require at least 1 700 pixel wide image for each article that you own the rights to

That’s it. We look forward to working with you to help others succeed and gain more exposure to your amazing content!

Why Write For Extreme Health Radio?

You will change lives

Finally your voice will be heard and you’ll be able to add your unique opinion to the world. We provide the platform necessary for you to get your opinions out to the world and have a positive impact on people’s lives!

You will reach a global audience

By writing content for Extreme Health Radio you will be able to connect to an audience of readers from over 167 countries all over the world. Can you imagine people in Europe and Africa benefiting from an article you wrote?

You can make your own schedule

Submit as many articles as you wish (as long as they are all original and never published anywhere on the web) or as little as you wish. Posting articles is a great way to build your network of followers and gain exposure in the natural healing community!