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Silent Retreat Day 1- My Own Personal Growth In 1 Year Inspires Me To Keep Going


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Feel Good Project day 18

My long awaited day is finally here again-the solitude retreat.

Pretty much since the minute I returned home last year around this s same time, I’ve been itching to return.

This time I brought a long time friend with me, as she and I seem to be at very similar crossroads in our lives, and I believe it’s exactly what both of or journeying souls could use right now – peace and clarity.

Having just finished dinner filled with deep, introspective conversation, we both have delved into our soul journeys-she in her journaling and me in my reading and blogging.

I’m staying in the same room I did a year ago, almost to the day! In each room is a book for retreat attendees to write in-messages of hope, journal entries,sketches of the majestic oak trees that dot this gorgeous landscape…

I flipped through and found my entry from last stay, and can’t help but reflect on the growth that has taken place within the last year.

My writings about my desires to live a more fearless life upon returning home last November spilled over onto two pages of the book.

It’s amazing to actually be able to get a gauge on my growth and THAT has completely inspired me to keep going. Keep faith. Trust the process even when there is darkness in front of me at times.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: the return of a piece of my soul today when setting foot back on this sacred ground. A kind of homecoming for my heat.

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