My Plea: I Need Your Help!


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My Plea: I Need Your Help!

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I don’t really feel comfortable doing this. I had the idea for this post a long time ago but just didn’t feel like I wanted to ask for help. But recently after thinking about it for a long time, my wife encouraged me to just put it out there. She told me, you never know what can happen as a result. The worst that can happen is just the time it takes to put this post together.

So I went ahead and am now taking her advice.

I guess I should just come out at say it, we need your help (any help at all but preferably financial help) to save up enough money to buy podcast equipment in order to create a radio show centered around your health and healing.

I won’t go into my whole story but I’ll just give a brief snapshot here.

My mom was diagnosed with non hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1995 with less than a 10% chance of survival. She went through chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant at The City of Hope. Although they sometimes can work, these types of cancer treatments are just devasting to the body. They ruin you. Watching her lose her hair, and struggle to walk even a few feet without getting winded and throwing up was just the worst thing I could ever have witnessed.

I hated seeing my mom struggle for her life and always being worried if she was going to live or not. It didn’t help matters that she was my best friend. 🙁

So to make a long story short, I thought there had to be a better way to either prevent cancer by diet and lifestyle or treat it naturally. I was convinced you could get better results with little to no toxic side effects.

That got me going on the road to health. I listened to podcasts, watched interviews, bought DVD’s, attended lectures and read books all in the quest to learn as much as I can because it pains me to think that people just don’t have options. They think slash, burn and poison are the ONLY options for treating cancer.

To date I’ve probably listened to about 5,000 hours of interviews with leading health experts. I want to find solutions for people and give people hope. As you can tell by this website, we have big plans….really big plans.

By visiting all of the websites where I’d listen to these interviews, it wasn’t easy to find the information I needed. Sometimes I’d need to listen to a 2 hour interview only to get 5 or 6 key points that I could adopt into my life or share with others.

I started taking notes and keeping info on the computer and I’d send it to people who were dealing with cancer or other diseases.

Inside I wished that there was a website where I could find all of the information I needed quickly and easily. I wondered why other sites weren’t transcribing their interviews to make them searchable.

I quickly realized it costs a lot of money to pay for this to be done. Luckily my mom used to be a medical transcriptionist so we have that covered. 🙂 When I told her about this project, she volunteered her services to transcribe our upcoming shows.

I set a goal to create a show where the content is going to save lives but finding information is easy. I’m working with a 3rd party company that’s going to allow you to be able to search the actual audio of all our interviews. So let’s say you wanted to search for the phrase “breast cancer”, you will be able to listen to all the instances in our shows where guests say that exact phrase.

Let’s say your friend is dealing with heart disease. We’re going to allow you to send the show to a friend and have it link up (and start playing) at EXACTLY the place in the interview where the natural cures are talked about. That way your friend doesn’t have to listen to the full interview, they can start playing it exactly where the solution to their problems are talked about.

There isn’t any website (doing podcasts) that will be doing what we’re going to do in terms of helping people find exactly the critical information that might save their life.

That’s the problem out there, lots of great information, but it’s not easy to find that information once you’ve found a great radio show’s website.

But and there’s always a big ol butt….in order to start the show, we need to raise just under $2,000 dollars for Adobe Audition ($349) to edit the shows as well as the microphone, mixer, cables, microphone arm, a digital recorder as well as a bunch of other boring stuff you’re probably not concerned with.

So with the encouragement of my wife, I guess I’m asking if you might be able to chip in a couple dollars to help fund this project.

If you like what we’re about and what we’re doing and you can help, I can’t tell you enough how appreciative we would be. If you like what we’re doing and can’t help financially I would be ever so grateful if you could perhaps share this post with friends or share our stuff with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Having options is key for people trying to regain their health. When people think that the only way to heal is the traditional medical model, they’re not exploring all their options. I hate to see people suffer as a result of some of these types of barbaric treatments.

I see people in my life being diagnosed with cancers and other diseases and I can’t stand it! It seems like every other person has just been diagnosed with some gnarly disease. We have to put a stop to it. People have to understand there are better ways of healing and you can even prevent most all diseases by living correctly.

My mom is still alive and for that I am forever grateful. She and my dad are working hard at adopting some healthy habits I’ve been sharing with them over the years.

I hate to see people suffer. Sometimes the diagnosis is more of a disease than their actual disease. When people walk home with a diagnosis the first thing they do is go to Google looking for answers. I would love nothing more than for them to find our site and be able to find natural solutions to help them heal and reclaim their life without all the side affects of allopathic medicine.

So that’s our goal, to give people hope and options. I want to provide 100% free cutting edge information that can help them either find a clinic or connect with a natural doctor who will help them recover naturally.

If you’re interested in helping our cause and want to donate, I want to thank you personally. Call the number at the top of the screen or send me an email. I’ll call or email back and thank you for that if you’d like.

I’ll also create a donation wall where we’ll put a link to your website, your name and photo (if you’d like to be included on the wall) so that people can learn more about you and YOUR work.

If you’d like to be a part of the movement send a donation (even just $1.00) by clicking here.

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to talking with you if you decide to donate! 🙂

If you can’t donate I look forward to providing great information that you can use to improve your health!

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