Learning To Let Go: Even Though I Don't Paint What Happened Today Was Plain Weird


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Learning To Let Go: Even Though I Don’t Paint What Happened Today Was Plain Weird



Feel Good Project day 87

You know all of those times people warned that when you retire one day there is actually LESS time than you had before you worked full time?

Well, they are RIGHT.

At least this is true in some capacity.

I have been done with the salon only a mere 3 days now and I find the days are flying by faster than I could have ever imagined.

It’s NOT that I am not working-it’s the exact opposite! BUT the difference is that now I wake up and can’t WAIT to get to work on what I absolutely love and feel like I was put here to do.

It’s quite magical really.

Today was such one of those magical days that I almost pinched myself, when I reflect upon what has been provided tome today.

Here is just ONE example of the day I lived today: met Robin for a beach walk and a cup of tea, and that alone is enough of a magical experience, as our conversations are life infusing I often feel like I will burst as my heart is so FULL.

Let’s back up really fast.

I have been committed to starting my day every morning by writing out my intentions and affirmations in my Danielle LaPorte Desire day planner. I try not to judge what comes up for me and just write down whatever I feel inspired to remember.

Yesterday when filling out the section for Creativity and Learning I felt pushed (out of NOWHERE) to jot down…

‘I will paint a canvas this coming week’

Interesting as I am not a painter or artist and have not once in my life painted a canvas or felt a particular strong pull to do such a thing.

Obediently I wrote it anyway. Immediately following was a question that said, “Well, if you actually had a canvas how right now could you afford the paint supplies necessary to paint it anyway?”

I shook it off and moved on and didn’t really think much about this inspired desire I felt moved to record.

Fast forward ONE day to this morning, and Robin begins to tell me about an upcoming ‘art therapy’ session she has this Thursday that involves a CANVAS and paining through feelings and emotions.

I think my jaw dropped.

My written words came flooding back to me and I excitedly told her about it. She explained that all we’d have to provide were the canvases and that the paint and supplies would be provided.

And there you go.

So needless to say, that before this week is over (just like I had envisioned in that brief moment) I will be painting my canvas alongside my dear friend Robin.

This week has become all about releasing. Seems beyond appropriate that I should be so blessed to be able to release trapped emotions even further through art and meditation.

In the letting go process, I just FEEL and SEE love. PURE LOVE finding me and enveloping me in the biggest bear hug imaginable.

Watching provision happening before my eyes is absolutely INCREDIBLE.

I am so glad I leapt.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Seeing AGAIN and again, over and over too many times to count today the way I am being gently loved in the letting go process. It feels like I am being cradled in the arms of God.

Image: thedigitalmuse.net

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