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Marcus Freudenmann – Hyperthermia & The Many Benefits Of Sauna Therapy For Detoxification


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  • Marcus Freudenmann is the man behind the website called Truly Heal and he’s also put together a number of great programs and courses ranging from PEMF, to healing cancer naturally as well as Ozone therapy and then this show all about sauna therapy using his sauna dome.

    Hyperthermia which is what we discussed in this particular episode is a way of heating up your internal body temperature to the point where you detoxify chemicals, heavy metals, toxins and poisons from all different parts of your body.

    Ancient cultures for thousands of years have been inducing fever as spiritual practice as well as an internal cleansing ritual to ensure long life and health.

    By heating up the internal core body temperature (aka hyperthermia) also helps to increase heat shock proteins which has an effect on white blood cells and can increase your immune system by as much as 40% according to some studies.

    Also regular sauna therapy reduces all cause mortality by a staggering percentage. That means you’re decreasing your risk of dying from *anything* by doing regular sauna sessions.

    Many of you might be wondering why we would talk to Marcus about his sauna dome when we already sell the Relax FAR Infrared Sauna. The reason is simple, his is a completely different machine, used for different purposes with different results. His is a lay down unit the one we use is a sit up unit.

    There are many differences in these saunas and lots of you have been asking for a lay down sauna so I thought we’d start offering this particular unit also.

    If you want to hear my thoughts about how and why they’re different, listen to the end of the show where I discuss in further detail these points.

    I hope after listening to this show, you’re more motivated to try sauna therapy!

    Thanks for listening!

    Special Note from Marcus!

    Use code EHR for a discount on any or all of what Marcus is offering. I’m not sure how long it’ll last so use it while you can!

    Thanks for listening!

    Justin, Kate and Maggie

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    Marcus Freudenmann

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    Marcus Freudenmann is the producer of the documentary “TRULY HEAL your body, your life and the world from CANCER” and the author of the workbook to the movie. He is also the director of the EQ academy and the TRULY HEAL academy. Over the past 10 years, together with experts from around the world, Marcus has created the most comprehensive evidence-based program to reverse chronic illness ever compiled.

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    Sauna Therapy

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