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Atom Bergstrom – How Words Change Our Biology & Much More!

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As always we had yet another fascinating conversation with Atom Bergstrom, author of Yes, No, Maybe: Chronobiotic Nutrition. This time we started the conversation off with the nuclear power plant in Southern California that recently got shut down.

We talked about how the energy from that place affects our cells. After that we got into a long discussion about how words and sound can actually affect physical matter (as with the lady who broke the wine glass by singing a high pitch note).

It’s interesting to me to learn how our physical world can in fact be changed or altered by non physical things. Try this for an experiment, sit down in a quite room and pretend that you’re about to get on stage and give a talk in front of your peers and thousands of other people that’s nationally televised on a topic you don’t really know anything about. Close your eyes and really pretend like you’re backstage about 60 seconds from being called onto the stage in front of millions of people.

I bet if you get into it enough you can feel your heart rate increase dramatically as well as possibly even sweat. Now what’s going on there? You’re not running or doing anything physical. You are simply sitting there quiet and still. So how can your heart start beating fast and how can you start sweating by simply thinking?

Should we think this is strange?

I don’t think so.

Our thoughts can in fact change our biology because everything is electrical. According to quantum physics all matter is vibrating at a singular level. Sound can in fact change matter. In the Bible it says, “….and God said let there be light, and there was light.” Before there was light there was sound. And before there was sound there was God. So light (photons which are physical in nature) came through sound because sound came first.

But the question is do our cells react to our thoughts? Well we know from the book The Secret Life of Plants that plants are somehow sentient beings capable of anticipating danger and even reacting audibly after being cut. If plants can do this why can’t we?

We’ve already seen that not only can thoughts affect our cells but full blown organs (sweat glands and the heart). Because our thoughts can alter our biology and physiology then the question is how can we change our thought life to promote the best health possible? Can we really create a healthier body just by talking to it or thinking about it in a positive way?

I believe we can. If you don’t believe me start doing some research and you’ll find it to be true on many levels.

Atom Bergstrom is an avid health researcher so we always have a great time when he joins the show.

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • How it’s possible to change your life through affirmations
  • Thoughts about alternative sources for power
  • How words really can change our biology and physiology
  • Thoughts about how to stay positive in a negative world
  • And so much more!

Our thoughts can change not only our biology & physiology but our reality. Atom Bergstrom explains… – Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Thursday 6/20/2013
Show Guest: Atom Bergstrom
Guest Info: A Body & Organ Language specialist and promoter of Time Conscious Eating and Longevity Lifestyles, Gosta Ingvar “ATOM” Bergstrom was raised in New Jersey and the San Fernando Valley of Southern California.

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Topic: Body & Organ Language Analysis and Muscle Engram Testing
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